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  1. Just went to Caprice Kitchen last night for dinner. An amazing 3 course meal! Without wine the total was only $35, which for this quality is great. All ingredients are local and organic. If you haven't checked this place out do so!

  2. I'm so bummed. I wish this place was good, but it's not. I agree with the PP, it's like eating at your friend's house, except your friend's not such a great chef. Oh, and your friend charges you around $12-15 per plate. Gah.

    PLEASE get a new cook or go take some classes. I'm watching the restaurant slowly die (reduced hours in summer?!).

  3. A friend and I had a great brunch here the Saturday before last. We feasted on a just about all Washington-grown ingredients: a great omelet with potatoes, greens and other goodies, and delectible French toast. This is no re-incarnation of the Ballard Denny's; instead, more like downtown fine dining by a near-celebrity chef, in a cozy neighborhood vintage storefront. We will be returning!

  4. Ate there Saturday, food was great, service speedy, great atmosphere. Call ahead for a reservation for dinner.

  5. Went on Sunday for brunch, we were sitted right away and our order was taken within 15 minutes but it took over 1 hour to get our food. The skillet was good but the omelett was burnt and horrible. A little pricey for what you get, not sure we will return.

  6. I love this place. The food is so fresh and so frenchish! Staff is not friendly- they seem annoyed a lot – but I chalk that up to the French factor. Lighting stinks- overhead lighting kind of wrong. But the food is fabulous!

  7. Was so excited to try this restaurant – what a disappointment! The lamb entree for dinner was awful – exceedingly greasy – almost inedible.

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