New restaurant Root Table now open

From the owner of Enlighten comes a new Asian-fusion restaurant at 2213 NW Market St. called Root Table. It just opened a few days ago.

Serving lunch and dinner daily, from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., Root Table features such entrees as the “Double-Fisted Duck,” which is duck marinated in dark beer and Chinese wine. And “Menage-a-Thai,” three different curries with your choice of beef, chicken or tofu. The prices are affordable, ranging from $7 to $10 for entrees and $5 to $6 for tapas. Root Table also sells sandwiches.

The decor is striking. The tables live up to their name, intricately carved and imported from Thailand, thanks to owner Kalan Intawong’s connections through Enlighten. If you eat at Root Table, please leave your impressions below…

3 comments on “New restaurant Root Table now open”

  1. We loved it! A friend and I had a great time there. It was comfortable,charming, delicious food, good service …..enjoy.

  2. WOW Food was great! Four of us, 12 tapas plates and all had one drink from the bar we split the tab 26.00 each including tip! We found out that after 9 happy hour starts again! Way cool place!

  3. We've gone to the Root Table in downtown Ballard a number of times since it opened earlier this year. We've enjoyed everything we've tried on the menu from tapas to dinner entrees.
    The dinner we had there this evening was just beyond good.
    We had a phenomenal beef stew there this eve. This is hands down the best beef stew we've ever had (and we've had a fair amount of the classic irish, english beef stews). The sauce was just amazing and the beef was tender, perfectly done. It's apparently one of the specials this week.
    So, if you're lucky enough to go there this week, definitely try the beef stew, also, the green curry pumpkin soup was quite tasty as well.
    We're definitely making the effort to get back there before the week is up!

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