5 comments on “‘Deadliest Catch’ boat in drydock”

  1. > See upcoming events in our Ballard calendar <

  2. hi my name is joe i like to no how can i work on one of the boats. i live in hawaii and that is my dream

  3. I would love to meet the Hansen brothers. I really doo have great respect for their way of life.

  4. i wark in that shipyard in ballard as a boilermaker so i got to work on the northwestern this year….

  5. dumb ass they are there i went there so dont be saying there not cuz whats the point of this then

  6. Colleges conduct their functional on-board sessions on yachts supplied by the
    college. Important trainers are RYA capable as instructors or examiners.
    The yacht that you use must have entered in the Offshore Racing events beforehand.

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