Clues about Ballard’s mysterious development

Last year we wrote about a development under construction on one of Ballard’s most prestigious lots: where the old Azteca restaurant used to be on Seaview, at the entrance to Salmon Bay. Several people had posted in comments explaining that the waterfront building included a marine business to meet zoning requirements, but it also featured a residential space for the owner.

At Large in Ballard’s Peggy Sturdivant was curious about the development, and she did some investigating. She writes:

For months, I tried contacting anyone connected to the project including (owner) John A. Goodman. He finally responded by email to my multiple questions: “This will have office use and caretakers unit for marina.” I responded with compliments on the scope of the renovations and the landscaping, mentioned swirling rumors about its usage and asked yet again if he could provide more specifics about the project. His reply: “Really not much more to say.”

The residential caretaker unit, according to official filings, measures just 676 square feet of the “10,544 sq. ft. marine, retail sales and service building.” Over the last several days, workers have been busy installing the finishing touches.

3 comments on “Clues about Ballard’s mysterious development”

  1. Mr Goodman seems to have taken up residence;
    – 6 cars & a Hummer parked overnight
    – 2 Mercedes
    – 2 BMWs
    – Bently (?)
    – Accura (?), white and not in the same stratophere with the others.
    I've seen a child of middle school age shuttled to school…
    How do you do that in 676 sq ft “caretaker” unit???
    Or are those marina tennants, now that he has take out the docks?
    What ever happened to his application to add on?

  2. What is the latest with the old Azteca? I now seems to be the Goodman compound, 1/2 dozen cars parked around it 7 x 24 which is a lot for a 700 sq ft caretaker of no marina, piles were recently pulled.
    Any further news?

  3. It seems that someone is upset about it currently being non-conforming. Seattle DPD investigating “No commercial sign; no way to get in; “caretaker” is a “caretaker of the property”. There is no evidence of yacht sales or any commercial water-dependent business on-site.” See

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