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  2. Wow! For the money and flavor, this place kicks Moshi Moshi in the butt. Service was excellent, not over priced for mediocre sushi like Moshi, nice atmosphere.

  3. We just ate there and the food was excellent. We had tuna poke, the O'Shan roll, the spider roll and the hamachi nigiri. Everything was great. The server was really nice and funny. I'm always worried about trying new sushi restaurants, but trust me, it was fresh and good.

  4. Really enjoyed my first visit. Friendly folks and good Sushi/Sashimi. Will def make it a regular stop.

  5. Tasty.

    After trying all the new Ballard sushi places, I think the food at O'Shan was much better flavor-wise than moshi moshi or shiku, though the decor less striking.

    Still have a soft spot for Sam's, so between the two, I'll have plenty of options in the 'hood.

  6. We we first got to O'shan, they were super busy. Once we were seated the service was great and the sushi was yummy. We especially liked the White King Salmon and the Seaweed Salad is a must. This will definitely be our regular sushi place.

  7. O'shan Sushi is great! Our family had a great time the service was excellent and the food was out of this world. Highly recommended by us all.

  8. Really not impressed with this place. I have a hard time understanding how reviewers are rating this over Shiku or Moshi Moshi. Those places are more expensive, but the sushi at those places is generally pretty good.

    I tried O'shan twice, and both times the sushi was way below average for Seattle (which overall is a town with pretty good, but not Great, sushi).

    I ordered Nigiri and some rolls. The quality of the fish was flat-out bad. The Salmon and the Yellowtail did not seem fresh. The Ikura was the worst Ive ever had. Nearly made me gag…

    The rolls had way too much rice, and were generally bland.

    I would put this place below Sam's, and that is not a good thing.

    To me, its worth it to spend the extra money on the other 2 places. Or if youre looking for more affordable sushi go to Musashi's in Wallingford, or Sushi Bay and Cherry Blossom Sushi in Southlake.

  9. Something you might like to know- the owners of O'shan are the owners of Sushi bay and also trained the head chef of Musashi's.


  10. Well (assuming that's true), its definitely surprising to hear.

    But it still doesnt change the experiences I had at O'Shans. Im half-japanese, and have spent much time in Japan, and generally consider myself a decent judge of sushi. The sushi I had at O'Shans was not on par with the other two places mentioned. Maybe I was there on “off” days, but Im skeptical

    I have to admit, hearing that its the same owners as Sushi Bay (which I think has good sushi), Ill have to give it one more chance…

  11. Went there last night for dinner, it was AWESOME!! The sashimi plate was amazing, nice big pieces, super fresh, i can't say enough about the sashimi, one of the best in the city!! The rolls were good too, but i'm not big on rolls. The service was fantastic!! Everybody, the waitresses, the sushi chefs, were really nice and friendly, very timely service, stayed for 2 hours enjoying the experience (it also helped that the house sake was delicious.) Highly recommend!

  12. This sushi place is the best and I mean the best! Always good, fresh and the staff is very friendly! The only place we go. We have been out of town and starving for food, we drove directly to this restaurant. We could have stopped anywhere to eat, but we know what we like and it is O'shan! Family owned and operated!
    This sushi place is the best and I mean the best!

  13. this family knows sushi. the absolute best place for sushi in seattle. value, quality, friendly.

  14. I’m a Japanese and O’shan is my family’s best favorite Japanese place in Ballard. Sushi is fresh, other dishes are good, too, and the service is friendly. It’s too bad that they are no longer serving lunch. :(

  15. It’s good, not fabulous. Prices are decent. I’ve gone alone for dinner and had very good service and good food.

  16. LOVE this place. It is by far our favorite sushi place in Seattle. The service is always great. The waitresses always recognize us and are so friendly. The sushi is wonderful and the prices are incredibly reasonable. I also love that they have so many options for kids. With a 2 year old, we wouldn’t imagine being able to get sushi very often, but this is always our go-to restaurant.

  17. family owned business with good fresh food. the sisters run the tables… family in the back. we eat there often (1-2x a month) and have never been disappointed. fresh fish always and funky fun rolls.

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