‘Deadliest Catch’ back with tasty tradition

A fresh season of “Deadliest Catch” returns to the Discovery Channel on Tuesday nights with Ballard’s own Sig Hansen at the helm of the Northwestern. This preview clip features the boat’s “longest standing Norwegian tradition,” which is none other than biting the head off a herring:

Niiice. We’ll stick with the pickled herring, thank you.

2 comments on “‘Deadliest Catch’ back with tasty tradition”

  1. While near Cold Bay, AK. I had to rip the shell off a live crab…with my teeth…
    …and gill it…
    Never be the 'new guy'.

  2. Did Ozzy Osbourne get his start on one of these fishing vessels?

    (by start, I mean biting the heads of live animals of course)

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