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  1. Lovely lunch. The egg-lemon (avegolemo) soup and lamb gyro were perfect. The owner was really nice & I'll definitely return for dinner.

  2. Five of us had dinner at Plaka on Friday night and loved it. We split small plates of octopus, sauteed dandelion greens and chard, beets, Greek salad, braised beans, fried smelts and a very reasonably price bottle of wine. The tab? $75, before tip. We were warmly welcomed by the family who owns and runs the restaurant. I wish them the very best and hope they never lose the charm we enjoyed.

  3. I took my parents here for an early Mothers Day dinner. Can't say enough about the wonderful food and fabulous staff (family owned and operated)! My new favorite neighborhood restaurant. They have a good thing going here and I wish them the best. I'll certainly be a regular.

  4. We had dinner at Plaka for the first time last night. Very nice meal. My favorite Greek dish is fea-stuffed red peppers. I was disappointed not to find them on Plaka's menu which does not have many of the items we are used to seeing the menus of Greek restaurants. The red pepper with feta dip is the closest thing to stuffed peppers and it was wonderful – it had all the flavor just in a different form. The avgolemono was the best I've had. We also had macaronada w/ meat rolls and youvetsi, and both had great texture and flavor without being over-spiced or dominated by any one flavor. The pasta in the macaronada was especially enjoyable as was the red sauce on that dish. On the downside, although the prices are a little on the high side as we are used to at Greek restaurants, the portion sizes are not. Both of us left full after two starters and two entrees, but we weren't overly hungry to start with and there were no leftovers. So their weakness is value. $50 for dinner for two without drinks. But the location is fantastic and so is the food, so we will be back!

  5. The food was fine, but it was noisey. They need to add some soft material to the ceiling or walls to absorb the noise. I'd not go there for an intimate dinner date becasue of the noise.

  6. Four of us had dinner there 2 weeks ago. We ordered several items and shared. I also had to try the avgolemono soup. The service was really good, and the food tasty. Yes, it was a little on the pricey side, but worth it. I want to try lunch…maybe today.

  7. Had dinner here with friends last night and LOVED it! Excellent food and great, family-feel service. We sat chatting at the table forever after we had paid, and they brought us a complimentary plate of watermelon pieces “to refresh us” they said. Can't wait to try it for lunch. Reminds me a lot of Vios on Cap Hill. Busy and loud so would be fine to bring kids.

  8. I LOVE this place! We sat at the bar and enjoyed chatting with the cooks and our great server. We shared a bottle of wine (they have a very affordable selection) and several small plates. Everything was really delicious. The atmosphere was great too- I felt like I was in a friend's house. We will be back again and again!

  9. Just had lunch there. Very tasty. The soup was soooo yummy! Other than a little bit of gristle in my gryo everything was amazing. Service was good, ambiance was good. Would definitely recommend it as well as go back for more!

  10. We had lunch there last Saturday. The falafel platter was tasty and filling — and the avgolemono soup was excellent, although it could have been hotter.

    We were VERY disappointed to see the waiter wipe up spills from the floor, then use the very same towel to wipe down tables. VERY GROSS. With that lack of attention to basic cleanliness, we are not sure we will be back. It's too bad — the owner seems very nice but if he hasn't trained his staff in the basics, can you imagine what goes on in the kitchen?

  11. I am a regular of Plaka Estiatorio. I just have to say that this place has great seasonal food in addition to their Greek standards. The seasonal quince desserts are to die for!

    As a frequent customer I must disagree with SarahThayer in regards to cleanliness. I have personally never seen such acts. And by the way, restaurants usually have more than one towel. By the way, Plaka has an open kitchen, with bar seating, just in case you DO want to see the food prepared!

  12. I agree the food is good. And yes, I understand that restaurants “usually have more than one towel.” But in this instance, we WATCHED the waiter use the same towel. He did not put it down or go behind the counter to switch towels. The towel never left his hand!

    Yes, the kitchen is open. But when you are seated at one of the tables, you cannot see what is going on behind the pass shelf.

    So, just because you have “never seen such acts” doesn't mean it did not happen. I do not make negative comments without basis. People deserve to know about all aspects of a restaurant's service.

  13. Very mediocre Greek food. I give it a 5/10. The saganaki was terrible. The avgolemono was ok (my grandmother's kicks the crap out of theirs, and mine is comparable). The other dishes were edible . But I know good Greek food…I was raised on it. Costa's in Fremont is way better than this place in my opinion. Doubt I will be back.

  14. Plaka is a great place weekdays or weekends. We have dined many times with family/friends and always have a great experience to keep us coming back. The family staff is warm and welcoming. You will be able to tell how fresh and authentic the food tastes. This is our family's favorite place to eat in Ballard! Best Authentic Greek food by far!

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