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  1. My lunch sandwich was delicious & very reasonably priced $7-8 range and I was looking forward to returning again for their happy hour. However, that changed after I got my bill. I had ordered hot tea for one person and was charged $5 for hot tea (boiling water & a tea bag)! I asked the waiter, assuming it was a mistake and he said it was not. What a rip off. A beer would have been cheaper. I won't go again for that reason.

  2. The prices are reasonable and the food is great. I loved the curry trio: great variety of flavors and fun things to drip in it! The tables and chairs were fun but a little uncomfortable.

  3. Loved the food, excellent prices, 7 adult drinks, three appetizers, one salad and 4 entrees = was only 125 dollars; that is a hell of alot of food and alcohol for a relatively small price.
    the chairs are a little uncomfortable. and it is VERY cold right now, they only have small heaters to warm a very high ceilinged room.

  4. What a surprise; this place is great! Has some of the best spring rolls in Ballard. Not a fan of the furniture, but I really enjoy this place.

  5. did not enjoy this place! granted we went on a friday night. so i’ll give them a lil slack. but we waited for a table for about 20 min, thats ok for a friday night. i asked what the waiter recommended for a light beer and he brought back this horrible beer where the after taste tasted like i just smoke a cigar. the all we ordered was 3 dishes off the happy hour menu. three small appetizers and it took 45 min for them to get to our table and not all at once, but one by one. yes the food was decent, but not worth the wait and poor service. and the tables and chairs are really uncomfortable.

  6. Great food but the chairs are oh so uncomfortable. They are hard, flat, and don’t really fit under or near the tables. We’ll get their tasty food as take-out only until they put those chairs on the woodpile. . . or maybe into a wood chipper.

  7. Great food, nice staff & atmosphere, fun drinks, & all for a good price. I will definitely continue to eat here.

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