George & Dragon hoping to expand to Ballard

The owner of Fremont’s George & Dragon Pub has his eyes on Ballard.

We spoke with owner John Bayliss this morning who says that he is moving toward opening a pub in the old Mandrakes location at the corner of 24th & Market. It “won’t be a high end bar,” he says, “just a casual English pub.” Right now he’s waiting to hear how much it will cost, in total, to add a sprinkler system. If the dollar range is within his budget, he plans to sign the lease. He’s not planning to close the Fremont location. In February, Mandrakes announced it was closing after 19 years.

54 comments on “George & Dragon hoping to expand to Ballard”

  1. this is FANTASTIC news!! almost makes up for losing Ballard Camera.

  2. Has anyone noticed that alot more people are liking soccer a lot more in the past few years – or maybe more specifically – liking the idea of liking soccer?

    What do you think this is connected to? MLS coming to Seattle? College students studying abroad in Europe? Obviously baseball, football, and basketball are still more popular by a long shot in the US (as far as spectator sports are concerned). Just noticed, specifically in Seattle, you see games (international and domestic) on a lot more in pubs, and at least one or two people intently watching.

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