Archie McPhee’s closes, Maritime’s expands

Updated: After ten years in the neighborhood, Archie McPhee closed its doors for the last time in Ballard on Thursday evening.

They’ve worked for weeks moving a bazillion little quirky toys to their new Wallingford location. Thursday they gave away a bunch of doodads that were left over from the move. They’ll reopen at their new 45th and Stone Way location at 9 a.m. on Monday.

The new boat shop, Maritime’s Marine Centers, which recently replaced Jacobsen’s Marine will be expanding into the Archie McPhee space at the beginning of June. (Thanks Arne for the tip!)

13 comments on “Archie McPhee’s closes, Maritime’s expands”

  1. FYI for all you folks buying boats or boat related items… choose Maritime Services instead of the folks down the street Inflatable BoatWorks (on Leary Ave). You're sure to get burned at IBW.

  2. And how do we know that you aren't some Maritime shill spreading disinformation?

  3. I used to work at IBW… they screwed more people than you can shake a stick at. If you don't want to trust me… try them out.

  4. KOMO 4 was filming at Archie's last night when I was there. I spoke with them on camera myself. I fell asleep before the 11pm news. Did anyone catch it?? Just curious. I'd like to see it on here, if someone can find it…I couldn't seem to…but that doesn't mean much! haha

  5. I'm sad to see Archi McPhees go (even if it's not far) but glad to hear of a maritime based business expanding for once :>

  6. Waaaaah, I'll miss Archie's!

    I know, just a big crybaby. It's not THAT far to Wallingford after all.

  7. I'll agree to this, at least that IBW tried to screw my friends. Got a boat (I think from them in trade for something else), the motor that was on it wasn't good (they told them the boat was perfect when the trade took place), it took a good 6+ months before they got it back and they tried to charge them double, but since they had be quoted a price they had to give it to them for the quote. They are looking for another boat now (a larger one) and they WON'T be taking it back there to get it checked, that was made clear.

  8. Every time I go by there, I want to paint over that stupid apostrophe. Unless, of course, the place is owned by Mr. & Mrs. Maritime.

  9. Inflatable Boat Works Going out of Business

    I just drove by and the windows are covered with Huge Going out of business signs. Everything must go, even the fixtures.

    Looks like the crime explosion has driven another business into the ground. How many is that in the past year. I count 15.

  10. The “crime explosion” has nothing to do with why these guys went out of business.

  11. People will avoid coming to Ballard for business these days. It's probably not the main reason, but Ballard Ave, Leary Ave and Market Street have become toilet bowls and I dont know a business owner who is happy with the way the police are handling the issue. Would you actually come into Ballard for business given the choice? You cant park and when you do, you get a ticket. You walk a few blocks and out pops the panhandlers, beggers, crazy people and garbage pickers eating out of garbage cans. Who needs it? Ballars is gross to most people with any class. Sorry, but that is a fact.

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