Vandals deface Bergen Place mural

Vandals have sprayed graffiti on the historical mural at Bergen Place Park.

The graffiti was discovered this morning. “I am deeply sadened by the lack of respect someone has for the mural,” explains Victoria Sangrey Hunter, who volunteers with Friends of Bergen Place. The mural was created in 1995 with help from the Ballard Historical Society, and it was dedicated by the King and Queen of Norway. “(It) holds deep emotional ties for many Ballard residents,” she says. “Please help us find those who did this, and if that can’t be done, then please watch the park and report illegal activity by calling 911.”

103 comments on “Vandals deface Bergen Place mural”

  1. A lot of times they do it all. Legal pieces, tagging and bombing or throw-ups (simple, often sloppy, 2-color bubbly letters, usually). The kids who paint the legal wall WILL still tag but, like I've said, all the time, money and paint they use up at the legal wall will be that much less time, money and paint they have.

  2. Here is a quick look at Flickr results for a crew called ICP (no relation to that clown metal shit) in San Francisco that, while they have done their fair share of vandalism in the past, is now known around town for their legal productions.

    Another good point is that if you allow for this kind of graffiti on your business, it is that much less likely to be vandalised in the future (which is why they do it so much in NYC or SF).

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