Restaurante Michoacan

Restaurante Michoacan (Mexican)
8311 15th Ave NW (map)
(206) 789-6933

Yelp user review: “Maybe a tad bland at times, but this has become a new favorite. I find it intriguing and would like to order more options. I like it as a family neighborhood place. Good salsa and margaritas, reasonably priced.”


11 comments on “Restaurante Michoacan”

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  2. Great family-run restaurant with super-friendly service. Portions are huge and the margueritas are good.

  3. Just went for first time last week. I found the food a little bland; nothing special.

    If I had to rate them it would be “average”.

  4. Huge portions! That alone makes this place special in this town. Also, the food is yummy and the margueritas doubly so.

  5. They make the best margaritas, and their salsa is flavorful without burning your mouth.
    The tacquitos are the best I've ever had, not some skinny little things that are like are hard branches with some meat inside, the are big rolls of tender chicken in a fluffily fried tortilla.
    Other notable dishes are the Camarones del mojo de aja, and they have a lamb shank dish which is just delicious, the meat just falls right off the bone.

  6. I thought the food was too salty (it made my HBP say ouch), but I'm willing to give it a try again. I like having a mexican restaurant I can walk to other than Burrito Loco which is too small and can be quite loud with screaming kids.

  7. I love the food at MIchoacan . The garlic shrimp is one of my favorite dishes. If you like enchiladas all of there different sauces they have to choose from are very good. The service is great.

  8. yum,yum,yum! Great food, great value and a really, really nice family that runs the place! Michoacan Burrito is delicious and HUGH!!!

  9. I love going here after a long day at work, nice people, great food & some of the best margaritas!

  10. Good friendly service, but found the food to be very bland, especially the salsa.

  11. Good friendly service, but found the food to be very bland, especially the salsa.

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