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  1. Thai Siam is the most authentic thai restaurant in the north end of seattle, the staff is welcoming and attentive and the food is always delicious. I love them.

  2. It's my families’ favorite Thai place in all of Seattle. Fresh ingredients and nice staff, good service. Fried wantons with the creamy crabmeat inside are our favorite appetizer. I had never ever eaten Coconut Ice Cream until a friend recommended Thai Siam. It's quite good….give it a try !

  3. We've been ordering take out here for years, but in the last year or so, they have been very inconsistent with their spiciness star ratings. Twice we've ordered two star spicy dishes that have been so hot we couldn't eat them. We've stopped ordering.

  4. Thai Siam is amazing! The staff remembers your name and treats you like family. The best thai food in Seattle for sure, I've been going here since I was little.

  5. Thai Siam has been first rate for almost twenty years. I dont know if they are the best( doubt there is such a thing) but they are very good.

    Highly recommend!

  6. It's rare that a week goes by and we don't order out from Thai Siam. Our favorites are the Princess Rice and Autumn in My Heart. Great food, great people – they do alot for the community as well – always a plus!

  7. a favorite of our family's for years! Always excellent food, great service and the best thing of all is they remember you well! I love this place!

  8. I love this restaurant1! They have been a part of the community for nearly 20 years and are very special people who serve great Thai food! Their annual all-you-can-eat-fund-raising extravaganza in August raises lots of money for their favorite charities in Seattle and Thailand. They are such a major part of the neighborhood and even though they are always busy, they are kind of a little-known gem. Please, give them a try….you'll become a fan.

  9. Incredibly nice people and FABULOUS food! Yellow curry is spicy but still good. Tom Kha is alwasy a hit. The angel wings, honey cashew, and top of the world beef are just super delish. And last but not least, the phad thai is THE BEST! I love how they consistently have really really good food.

  10. I've lived around the corner from this place for over decade and the aroma lofting out of the place is incredible. I recommend the garlic shrimp,pad thai and the BBQ beef. We also LOVED the Passion Mussels but, alas, they no longer have it on the menu. I highly recommend this place, the food, price and people are all great!!

  11. I highly recommend Thai Siam. My husband first took me there when we were dating and now, 9 years later, Thai Siam is the standard by which I compare all other Thai restaurants in Seattle.

    The spiciness does tend to vary from visit to visit, but the food is never bad quality. We have to (HAVE TO, I tell you) get at least two orders of fresh rolls every time we go. They are really the best in the city.

    I'm pretty “vanilla” (read: Super Picky) in my food choices and I always get the dressing rama with fried tofu. It never disappoints and I'm always taking home leftovers.

  12. My husband and I just had our first baby, both of us love spicy food, but now we order mild and ask for hot sauce on the side. We were told by Thai Siam staff that the pepper that they gave us are the same pepper they use in the kitchen.

  13. I love Thai Siam!! I love Thai Siam not only because of the food, the friendly staffs, and the portions. I love how every time you order 3 stars(since they only do a 4 star rating), the waits always make sure that you can handle it. When you go to Thai Siam be sure to order their “Top of The World” (thinly sliced bbq beef) It tastes like “beef candy” just melts in your mouth. And the Tom Ka Gai….mMmmmmMm……..Deliscious!!!

  14. We ordered take out last night for the first time. The food was delicious and the staff was incredibly helpful and nice, but the prices seemed a bit high for Thai food. At around $10 per dish, it didn't really seem like that much food, and the containers were only half full.

  15. Omg I just went to thai Siam on Friday night and let me tell you… They were busy!! But that didn't stop them from having good service and good food. I tried their new special “advocado shrimp curry(tips from samoh)” it must have been the best thing I've eaten!! The flavors r so delicate and fresh. The advocado really compliments the green curry. I also had the green papaya salad; super fresh and super refreshing. I highly recommend this place!

  16. I order takeout from here quite often. Overall, it's very good, but the spiciness can vary quite a bit. It tends to be more spicy than other places, so if you're a spice-wimp, order 2-star or less.

  17. I love Thai Siam. But every time I go to there when I order I say I want 3 stars. They say have you been here before? I have been there numerous times. I would think the same waiter should reconize me?! There food is spicy but come on! make me not want to go back!

  18. Wow! I did not think this was good Thai food at all. I've had so much better (I've been a huge Thai food fan since I discovered it in 1993 in Chicago)…I will never go to Thai Siam again. Shocked that this earned so many stars….the people rating this must have been to some awful Thai restaurants.

  19. The WORST Thai food I have ever had. According to the Health Dept, they have been very close to closure on many health safety violations.

  20. we just eat Thai Siam for the first time tonight, and it was wonderful!!! The food was fresh and full of flavors, and the staff was attentive and very friendly even though the restaurant was very busy,

  21. Tried Thai Siam for the first time. We took some friends there, based on reviews we saw here on MyBallard. Fantastic dinner, and we'll be going back soon. Thanks MyBallard!

  22. My wife and I have been coming to the Thai Siam for twenty years. We continue to explore a variety of great dishes and have never been disappointed. The latest addition to the menu is “Avocado Green Curry and Pawns.” You will be surprised by the wonderful texture and fresh Thai flavors that enhance the Pawns with Avocado. Its a must try dish.
    Deserts are another wonderful addition, somewhat unusual for Thai restaurant. One of our favorites is the crispy deep fried bananas topped with honey and homemade Coconut ice cream. I promise you, you will crave this desert days later.

  23. i have made a pack to myself that i will try every restaurnt on this list and my girlfriend i started here. good service, seated us fast. food was good but they dont play around with the spices! haha i wanna a lil spice so i got a 2 star but wish i would have gotten a 0 star! shit was hot! all and all a good place, prices are a lil high for thai food.

  24. Can’t Believe I just discovered this Place!!!! Best Thai food ever, and the Menu is hugh, I’ve not had a bad meal there yet!!! and will continue to return there until I’ve tried everything on the Menu!!!

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