Smashed Prius windshield may not be the only one

A Sunset Hill neighbor emailed us to say the windshield on his Prius was smashed by a baseball bat early this morning.

“A number of street-parked Prius’ windshields were targeted and smashed last night,” he says. “Ours was batted in at 12:15 a.m.” When he called police, he says the officer told him that there has been a rash of attacks on these particular vehicles. The suspect, he says, “sped off in a loud throaty-sounding SUV.”

We spoke with Renee Witt of the Seattle Police Department who confirmed that there was at least one other incident involving a Prius windshield. She said that this windshield was smashed in before midnight on Friday night, 45 minutes before the above incident. She said the owner told police that they believed a sign had been thrown on the windshield. Their back tail light was also busted out. Witt says the victim didn’t see or hear a suspect vehicle.

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  1. You obviously don't have a grasp of sarcasm. Jesse, want to say that to my face?

  2. I was just thinking maybe the 'SUV' driver was cut off by a Prius in traffic yesterday and missed taking his meds.

  3. Yeah, there's not a lot of humor or sarcasm comprehension on this board sometimes, I've noticed.
    If the person actually knows it was an suv and saw it, not only heard it, then maybe they could describe it? Perhaps that would help the cops. If they are not certain it was an suv then it's an assumption. Is that hard to understand? Not for me it isn't. That said, it sucks that some asshats are smashing windshields and it's weird that it appears to be only a particular model. Who knows why? Only the asshats I guess.

  4. oops I accidently started to write something else and they won't let me just delete it so I have to write this nonsense statement

  5. Then the smaller, more efficient hybrid will have the smaller footprint, so most likely the Prius wins again.

  6. This is because the Toyota Prius is “The Official Car of the Democratic Party ™”

  7. Sierra Club members have been torching SUVs and setting McMansions on fire for years…so this is “payback”.

  8. Wades sucks.

    If you are dumb enough to buy a gun there, you are paying outrageously marked up price from a staff who bilks eastsiders.

    Its also known as the Microsoft mental health care plan, google Wades and you'll see why.

  9. I'm so conflicted about that truck.

    I really loved the patina of of the multi-shades of rust that it used to have before it was repainted, on the other hand it looks so good in the new paint too.

    either way it's an awesome old truck.

  10. Clearly it's a mixed blessing when the Seattle Times has a link in their article to a MyBallard post. Good for the page hits, but bad for the quality of the comments.

  11. I'm not threatening you. I'm just betting you wouldn't say that to me, if you knew me. Especially because you'd realize that was sarcasm if you DID know me. But it proves that you jump to conclusions, yourself.

    You don't matter enough to me for me to care, for the record.

  12. Ditto,

    In broad daylight no less. Detailing really, really helped but it was expensive. Well, at least they gave me a free loaner car for the day and aside from the glass my car did need the detailing. And, just to add fuel to this fire . . . it was an SUV!!!!!!!!!!

  13. They any good? Have you or anybody else test driven one?
    I'm in the market for a new SUV; mine is 11 years and counting and it ain't getting any younger.

  14. Kitty cat,

    Referenced Wade's 'cause WSI, Sportsman's (up North on 99), Seattle Gun, plus others are all RIP. SG treated me well…

    Never bought from Wade's but it's the recognizable name these days. Has an odd vibe there, kind of gloomy, so the prices you reference make it sound even more appealing..!

  15. Ummm…Skiggley, I know that any organization trying to be conservative about our resources (Sierra Club) or conservative about our freedoms (ACLU) are demonized by conservatives. But conservatively speaking, the SUV/McMansion torchers are usually Earth Firsters, whose members would just as much like to torch the Sierra Club for engaging in nonviolent, grassroots and political means rather than more direct actions. I have yet to meet a Sierra Club member who would advocate arson.

    But, hey, it's your straw man, build it and destroy it at your leisure! I hope to see further Straw Man ™ models coming from your non-Union straw man factory in the future! Any Death Plan ideas? You could do some good work with that one.

  16. Why does anyone even use sarcasm in the comments. Sarcasm is a demeaning form of response anyway. In fact, it's actually a negative, hostile kind of humor and can,in fact, be hurtful. Why use it? Why not just have a meaningful and positive discussion in the comments arena? You can see how misunderstood and unpleasant it is by the response to it! Please…..let's just be civil in our discussions!

  17. NoraBell…..That's because you don't think like a criminal….none of us do. But we are now being told that we must start thinking like one in order to protect ourselves!! And that's really hard when one is brought up to be a responsible, law-abiding citizen!

  18. Well, it's not realistic to think people can think like a criminal though. I don't even have a car, but I'm pretty sure my mom who does have a car isn't thinking like one. We have a police department. They're the ones who are supposed to protect us yet they're normally the first to get budget cuts. More cops with more resources, so my mom doesn't have to 'think like a criminal.'

  19. We have the absolute bare minimum of a police response department. They don't actually patrol, just respond to 911 calls.
    If they pulled a few of the cops from the day shift and put them out on a night patrol one night a week around 2am they'd put an end to all this car prowling crap in a month. Instead we have a half dozen cops covering for almost a million people and we wonder why so few of the criminals get caught.

  20. The comments on the newspaper sites are downright creepy. Even with a good set of hip waders I'm afraid to set foot in there.

  21. It's not the size of the … um what are we talking about here silver… HAHAHAHAH

  22. yep, complete with talk shows and movie contracts.
    Divisiveness is big money today. Shameful, but true.

  23. I asked to have my comments removed, Chopper. :) I didn't need to be attacked anymore by people who don't understand what I wrote, and I don't need to defend it, either.

    That said, it sucks that these cars were harmed, and I am sorry I was misunderstood, and hopefully it wasn't by anyone that had their car window smashed.

  24. ah, that makes sense, thanks.
    Reading comprehension, if it was easy…
    …everyone would do it.

  25. apropos title.
    I've feared this for a long time, the batteries are the lynch pin.
    and I do mean lynch…

  26. Because sarcasm is the best way to get the point across sometimes. It's a dangerous choice as there are often people who are just not smart enough to get it.

  27. Did you notice that the article was in the Opinion and commentary section?
    Did you notice that the stats are for 100,000 miles on a Prius vs 300,000 for a Hummer? How many Hummers are going to be around for 300k? None.
    This story is so skewed it's ludicrous.

  28. Look up info about where the materials to make the batteries for those prius cars are mined from. The strip mining operation has created one of the biggest wastelands in history with horrible acid rain, helping the environment my ass. The carbon emissions from making one prius and shipping it to the dealer is more alone than if you bought a used car and kept it mechanically sound and drove it for the rest of your life. Don’t think that electric cars are the answer. Look at hydrogen powered cars that is in my opinion the way to go for a green planet.

  29. I doubt it. This wasn't random in the choice of target. The Prius was singled out for attack because the attacker believes it stands for something. All these cranks being agitated by the anti health care reform nonsense are seething to act out. This is sadly not the last of this kind of nonsense we'll be seeing.

  30. That's the sad truth when you look into anything that is manufactured. All cars require a huge amount of materials, steel that is mined, plastics that will never decompose, the flame retardant in the seats that has now contaminated the water (and been traced all the way to breast milk).
    The advantage of the Prius is that it uses less gas, and requires less of the environmental damage associated with drilling, transporting, refining, and burning, not to mention the costs of the wars to keep it flowing. The Prius is a first step towards breaking the chain of dependence on oil, not the last step. Could the batteries be made more environmentally? Of course, and hopefully they will, but if no step is taken and we just continue to do what we've always done we will eventually run out of oil and be really stuck.
    I'd love to see hydrogen cars on the road, but unfortunately they're just not here yet, nor is the fueling infrastructure.
    Remember what the first cell phones looked like? A couple grand to buy a phone in a messenger bag that cost a buck a minute to use. Look at what we have barely two decades later. The Prius is the same thing. Eventually we will look back and laugh at it as an over priced under performer, but without it there will be no evolution to get there.
    For the record, I don't own a Prius but an SUV that I only use locally because with over 200k on it I doubt it would survive a long trip, and I also have another car, but in reality I barely put any miles on either of them since I work from home and do most of my business locally.

  31. Its because the battery on the Prius is only good for 100,000 and then you have to replace it! Further adding more to the carbon footprint. If you WERE to use your hummer for its life spam (and many people do!) it would last way longer.

    Yes, it my be opinion, however there are facts in there that are true. You can't make up that a part of Canada is so void of life that NASA uses it for rover research. Nor can you make up that they ship their parts from here to there back to here.

    None the less, its always good to look at the other side.

  32. Is it the same truck? I know the old one was hit and smashed…somehow I thought they traded the smashed one for another, slightly newer one. It hadn't occurred to me that it had been repaired! Ha. I guess the joke's on me. I should question my assumptions.

  33. Nuh uh! I don't even own one!

    I drive Flash,the wonder Volvo! Member of the Wagon Mafia!

    Flash and I drives my bosses kids to school, and pics up their groceries! Around the 'hood, I walk.

  34. Seriously? Two windshields were smashed in a big city, and your conclusion is that they did it as an anti-healthcare protest?

    … or just maybe some stupid vandals just smashed a windshield?

    Heck no… not in a throaty-sounding SUV… must've been anti-Obama, anti-healthcare evil conservatives. They probably also were smoking, and they probably hate puppies too.

    Hmmm… were there any acts of vandalism in any other cities in the US? I wonder what they *mean*?

  35. You're naive to think that multiple counts of vandalism against Priuses and only Priuses would be random.
    A month ago when this happened was the exact same time Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, and the right wingers were getting their minions fired up to a frenzy. Do the math and stop being a putz.

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