Ballard High marching band in holiday parade

The Ballard High School marching band played in the Macy’s Annual Holiday Parade this morning, and Marianne sent us some photos.

The parade began at 7th & Pine and ended at the downtown Seattle Macy’s.

Ballard Beaver fans cheered the band as they marched by.

Thanks Marianne for sending us the photos!

7 comments on “Ballard High marching band in holiday parade”

  1. I attended the parade with my 4 yr old, and I thought the Ballard Beavers were among the best high school bands that marched. Great job.

  2. I dont know these kids… and I dont know you. But, your comment just seems out of line, and really uncalled for.

  3. We were racing to find a spot to watch them, but we only got to hear them on the return route. They were great! The entire parade was great!

    Speaking as a former member of a marching band, the Beavers get some pretty snazzy uniforms. Ours were left over from WWII.

  4. I too was in the Ballard Band during the early 60's and loved every minute of it. I thought the uniforms were great back then, but even better todsy. Perry Barth left a great legicy in what he built.

  5. Class of 68 looking to re conect with Perry Barth. Any help would be appreciated. Rick Richford

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