Christmas tree lots start popping up

Once again this holiday season, Boy Scout Troop 100 will be setting up its annual Christmas tree lot in the St. Alphonsus Church parking lot.

Most of the trees are hand picked by some of the troop’s fathers and sons. “This scout is working with one of our many growers to hand-select some of the trees that we’ll begin selling this weekend. Selection work begins way back in August!” tree lot manager and Boy Scout dad Dan Cress tells us. This is the one and only fundraiser for the troop and has been a tradition for nearly 60 years. The trees go on sale this Sunday through December 20th.

Just up 15th, Jimmy Wild will open his Christmas tree lot at Top Banana today, the day after Thanksgiving. He’ll have eight different varieties of trees for sale.

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10 thoughts to “Christmas tree lots start popping up”

  1. …and once again we'll be having our annual holiday discussion on the blog about the boy scouts, atheism, homophobia, inclusiveness, etc. Throw in sushi, mars hill and the burke gilman and we'll have ourselves a true party!

  2. I always get my tree from the boy scouts at St. Al's. Nice trees at a reasonable price, friendly, great service. One time, years ago, when I had a very small car and the roof wasn't really set up well to secure a tree on top for the short ride home, they even offered to just toss it in one of their rigs and follow me home – free delivery! I couldn't believe it. I'm happy sending them my annual business.

  3. Top Banana is our favorite tree lot. He has a great crew of guys who are out there every year, a great selection of trees and he's a big Ballard supporter. I'm glad he's back!

  4. Sadly, with an 8-month-old Malamute puppy who's just hit about 100 pounds and loves to chew on wood and gnaw on branches (and often unearths woody products and drags them into the house), we're going to pass on the tree this year. Neither the tree nor the ornaments have any chance of surviving the Fatty Monster at this stage of his development.

  5. Yes, he's adorable. And good thing. He may just survive puppyhood on his looks. The cats like to hang out under the tree … or they did before the puppy showed up.

  6. Well, as a boy scout and considering that bikes are more Eco friendly, I would say bikes. And most boy scouts are under 16 and/or can't drive yet.

  7. You should look at something like a rosemary christmas tree. Much smaller, and easily can be kept out of reach of a malamute. and smells great! And there are mini ornaments on sale at Joann (50% off). This is the way I went this year…

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