Procession for boy who died of cancer

A few My Ballard and Fremont Universe readers emailed us to ask about a procession of Okanogan Sheriff’s vehicles seen driving east on Market St. at 9:30 this morning. Turns out, it was a caravan escorting the body of 8-year-old Parker Brown — the son of an Okanogan Sheriff’s deputy — who died after a six-year struggle with cancer. The boy’s family along with deputies and police officers from several agencies spanning the state participated in the procession today to bring the boy home from Ballard to Okanogan. A very heartbreaking story.

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  1. There were four Okanogan Sheriff’s vehicles near The Dish this morning right after all the sirens responded to the Walgreen's robbery ….we drove by the area and were confused…wondering what had happened. Thanks for letting us know the reason they were in Ballard. So sad, and so young. Rest in Peace Parker.

  2. Terrible and sad. My heart goes out to Parker's parents. What they must be going through…….

  3. A wonderful Ballard family donated their home for a short time, to the family of this child so, as I understand it, the family dog and Parker could be close to each other. During this time, they (four of them) lived in a basement in a friends home with no bathroom of their own. They would never want anybody to know, but I felt something should be said. I can't help but wonder if this is related to why they were in Ballard. Kudos to the both of these awesome Ballard families.

    I have an 8 year old myself and just can't imagine what these poor people are experiencing.

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