Walgreens robbery suspect arrested

Seattle Police say they’ve arrested a suspect in the armed robbery Tuesday morning at the Ballard Walgreens. Police say the man robbed the pharmacy for prescription drugs and escaped on foot.

The case is similar to a robbery at a Maple Leaf pharmacy on December 21st, and police say they believe the man is responsible for both. They’re also investigating to see if he’s linked to more unsolved cases. (Thanks Artman!)

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  1. he stole prescription drugs?

    maybe if we had universal health care, he wouldn't have been in this predicament.

  2. Fine news. Now, how long until they are released, due to overcrowding, mistakes, etc? I'm sure they were just trying to raise $$ to buy a present and buy gas to get to work! In fact, shouldn't all stores simply have free bins to end crime? Where's their compassion? We are “progressive” here in Ballard, right?

  3. There's one thing you can say about the criminal class, they are pretty dumb and almost always get caught in the end.

  4. So universal health care will solve crime and people will have no drug problems? Wow, what a concept! I knew universal health care was the solution to all of America's problems! Man, how come when I lived in Denmark and Germany this wasn't the case?

  5. Apparently pill poppers not getting access to free pills is now officially a social justice issue….seriously, the idiocy of the loony left (and rabid right) knows no limits.

  6. What does that have to do with crime and thugs in Ballard?

    Oh, that's right, the straw man defense. When you have no answer, throw one out and hope people take a swing at your idiocy.

  7. If anybody hears more on this, I'd love to know how they actually caught him. Why was K-9 able to track him (strongly) to the parking lot of the Viking bank and no further? Did he have a getaway car stashed there? Was he working alone, or with an accomplice? Can we get a pic of him? (I heard he had a very recognizable tattoo on the right side of his neck.) Anybody know more?

  8. He stole highly marketable, high abuse potential prescription drugs. The kind that, had he taken them himself, would have rendered him unable to commit jaywalking.

  9. And no, I am not interested in following his business model. I just think it's good to know how crooks operate.

  10. *sigh*

    Imagine expanding our concept of the “criminal class” to include lawbreaking corporatists and politicians.

    Just throwin' that one out there. Take a swing.

  11. Lordy you guys. Don't you think fiddler crab was perhaps telling a joke? Make a New Years resolution to chuckle once in a while.

  12. I always have, what's your point? THis isn't an article about that, it's about thugs in the 'hood. THe ones whose crimes affect me directly.

  13. dont worry everyone, crime in ballard is not increasing! its just all perception, riiight.

  14. It seriously took 18 comments to say something positive…The comments are once again making myBallard unreadable.

  15. He was easy to spot, he had one of those Obama “Hope and Change” shirts on.
    Figured with HopeandChange in the White House everything was now free.
    Rather like that women right after the election who in all seriousness, to a reporter and cameraman no less, was so happy that Obama got elected as he will now pay her mortgage for her.

    Liberalism is indeed a mental disease.

  16. Had the perp gotten shot that **may** have put him off a life of crime, or more than likely ended one. Broken home, abusive father/stepfather/guy at home, mom never around , well you all know the drill.

    I suspect that after the last few months many police officers may possess a rather quicker draw and and a more active trigger finger, not that I blame them at all; I would.

  17. What's up with all the progressive = pro-crime palaver in comments lately? Fire the guy that draws the cartoons in your head.

  18. It's something about news comments, especially crime stories that draw out the conservatives and libertarians like moths to a flame. Somehow they feel that they have to spew the same comments all the time no matter how far from the truth they are.

  19. No, actually he was Rush Limbaugh's intern and sent out to resupply old tubby's pill fix.

  20. Another good article:

    This Seattle Times article caught my eye with it's headline, “Bag of teeth links man to Seattle-area dental burglaries.”

    That would be a spooky item to find on a sidewalk!

    The article contains new information on how this bad guy was caught.

  21. Thanks Silver, for posting this update. We were pretty sure this was the guy who robbed our Market Street store, now we're certain after the mention that he and his accomplice hit the Reckless Video in Maple Leaf. The employees at Rain City are feeling a lot safer now, in fact the employee who dealt with the robber has now come back to her job.

    We found out about most of this thanks to you!

  22. Thanks Silver. We're wondering how someone can be in and out of court over 50 times and still be out on the street. He's a jerk that should be locked away.

  23. Oh good. I always worry about the people who actually come face to face with robbers. I hope she's doing okay.

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