Water main break affecting some in North Beach

An in-ground water-main break Saturday morning is affecting water pressure in the North Beach neighborhood. According to Seattle Public Utilities, quite a few people are affected because the break is near several district valves. SPU says the main is should be repaired later today. John emailed us after speaking with SPU, “When it’s fixed, workers will flush the line, and homeowners will likely experience discolored water for a short period. The city spokesperson said there is no need to boil water. He said when water pressure returns to normal, residents should simply keep their taps open until the water runs clear.” The woman we spoke with at SPU said to run cold water in the bathtub in five-minute increments. If the discoloration doesn’t go away in an hour, call the SPU 24-hour emergency phone number – 206-386-1800. (Thanks John for the tip!)

5 comments on “Water main break affecting some in North Beach”

  1. Happy New Year! That was a somewhat rude awakening this morning, to water and asphalt chunks pelting the roof. Kudos to SPD and Seattle Public Utilities for responding quickly.

  2. do I have to pay for this discolored water, or will it be removed from my bill?

    I think Ialso pay Seattle Public Utilities $8.98 per 100 cubic feet of water I use to cover their wastewater treatment costs (new rates effective yesterday!) Can I get that reimbursed too? or should I just use the tainted water since I'm paying (twice) for it?

    have you ever seen that commercial with the guy showering in crude oil? that's me when the water wars start!

  3. Thanks Geeky Swedes. I was wondering what the trucks were doing on 24th near my house.

  4. Did the inspection go OK? This happened to me when I was selling a place once.

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