Korean movie filming in Ballard

Big trucks are parked along Ballard Ave today for a Korean movie that’s being shot here in Ballard.

In the movie, titled “The Late Autumn,” (although IMDB has the title as “Full Autumn”) the main female character, Tang Wei, comes to town for her mother’s funeral. It’s here that she meets Hyun Bin. “Like a couple sightseeing, they explore the city,” the one-sheet on the movie states. Today the movie is being shot at the Tractor Tavern. Tomorrow, we’re told that they’ll be at the Ballard Nail Studio on 24th Ave NW, just across the street from the new QFC. Beth, the owner of Aster Coffee, says the production crew is expected to arrive late morning with filming starting mid-afternoon.

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  1. the writer/director is a Grand Bell winner, which is the Korean equivalent of an Academy Award. very cool.

  2. “I wonder how many locals they hired for the crew?”

    They have to hire local in order to avail of Washington State film grants.

  3. I can give you an approximate guess… of the 80+ names on the crew list, about 17 have phone numbers from outside the PNW (which doesn't guarantee anything, lots of industry people here have LA/New York numbers). The vast majority are locals, it's a Union shoot in many respects (where applicable), and I believe there are about 15 people from Korea.

  4. Could you tell where the moives will be filming tomorrow (today is Jan 21)? Thanks!

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