Mooberry reopens as Moo Berries

There’s a new lunch option in downtown Ballard. Mooberry, the former smoothie/yogurt shop has reopened under new management with an expanded menu as Moo Berries (2019 NW Market St).

Owner Christian Kolmodin tells us that when they took over the space last year, it was white, sterile and not very inviting. Over the last two months they’ve given the interior a facelift with some new color and accents.

Besides selling smoothies and frozen yogurt, they’ve added breakfast items, soup, sandwiches and salads to their menu. Although they’ve been open a week, their grand opening isn’t until next week, March 1 through March 7th. During the grand opening they’re offering these specials:

  • Free small coffee with croissant sandwich
  • Free small coffee with English muffin sandwich
  • Free chips with an sandwich
  • Free slice of potato bread with any salad
  • Free one topping on any frozen yogurt
  • They’re open every day from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. (Thanks Jennifer for the tip!)

    8 comments on “Mooberry reopens as Moo Berries”

    1. So glad they are back in the 'hood. They were missed! That pomegranate frozen yogurt is delicious!

    2. Went in there last weekend and had never been inside before. It was hot and stuffy and loud, but the fro-gurt seemed ok. It really felt like there was no ventilation. A nice warm summer day will heighten that problem. And their blender or some equipment was incredibly loud. Hopefully they are still working to get the kinks out.

    3. I'm interested to try but I have to say “moo berries” brings to mind what cows leave behind!

    4. Can't say I'm excited. We tried them several times and really wanted to like it, but the noise in that place, the lackadaisical attitude of the employees, and the ridiculously overpriced yogurt was just off putting. It was $1.00 extra for maybe a teaspoon of a topping on a $3.00 yogurt… really?

      Maybe they have a new business plan to go with their new look???

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