Burglary suspect spotted in Ballard

Seattle Police have released surveillance photos of a man suspected of breaking into a woman’s home in Magnolia while she slept on April 7. About two hours later, the suspect used the victim’s credit cards at a grocery store here in Ballard. If you recognize the man in the pictures below, you’re asked to call SPD Detective Gaedcke at (206) 684-5730.

3 comments on “Burglary suspect spotted in Ballard”

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  2. is that the ballard market?

    what did he buy?

    I'm having a hard time putting my unsub profile together with so little info.

  3. One day someone will figure out that photos of the top of someones head are useless and they'll begin to place cameras at eye level. That guy looks like about 80% of the men in the world only with a hat.

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