New Henry mural pops up along 8th Ave overnight

Ryan “Henry” Ward was up late last night painting a mural along 8th Ave NW.

Our sister site, received this email from one of their readers:

“Henry” painted a middle-of-the-night mural (three enormous walruses riding three tiny bicycles) last night on the west side of 8th NW, between 65th and 67th. It was formerly a different Henry mural (one with lots of eyeballs) that had been painted-over black about a week ago. Then last night, I saw him out there with spotlights, and this morning the new mural is done.

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  1. I love his work and he is a talented artist brightening up our world. Yea “Henry” will he do my sturdy little mountain bike?

  2. I love his work! It never ceases to make me smile and to make me happy, especially when it pops up unexpectedly as I’m driving by one of his murals.

  3. Saw them painting too–around 11 they were there with a huge “Henry” bus and a “Henry” station wagon next to it. Almost tempted to buy a junky van so could have Henry paint it!

  4. Henry is the antidote to the condofication of Ballard and surrounding environs. You go Henry!

  5. “Henry is the antidote to the condofication of Ballard and surrounding environs. You go Henry!”

    most hilarious thing I’ve read all day.
    Enough Henry in Ballard already. go hit up another neighborhood.

  6. I like Henry’s work, but I’m starting to get to much of a good thing. None-the-less, I like this latest one.

  7. Yay! When I saw the old mural painted over, I was afraid the grafitti artists had won! I’m pleased to see something fun return here. Thanks for loving this space enough to contribute to it!

  8. I too agree that the Henry’s are much nicer to look at than graffiti. Free public art, such a deal.

  9. It’s not the style of art that I’d want in my house, but I think it’s delightful to have around the neighborhood. I say that the naysayers should find something else to complain about.

    I think it’s great to live in “Henry ‘Hood”!!

  10. Does Henry get permission from neighborhoods to paint these murals? Is he hired? I am genuinely curious.

    My favorite mural is on the side of the Value Village on Market.

  11. He is hired and so obviously has permission. That’s one of the key differences between a mural and graffiti.

  12. If you want to see him do a live painting and listen to some music, he has been painting with “Paint by Music” at the Ballard Community Center on Tuesdays at 6:30ish. Last week there were 4 artist and 1 musician and free hot dogs. Even the kids got to do a little painting last time…..

  13. I’m pretty sure he redid this since there was graffiti all over the previous mural. (It had been that way for about a week or so) It was a bummer to see it tagged. Much improved now that it has been repainted.

  14. The property owner also replaced a segment of the east/west fence, which required removal of some of the old mural.

    Henry murals are infinitely preferable to sun-bleached boards and tagging.

  15. maybe tagging, but I really like sun-bleached boards.

    in fact, that’s my main complaint with his artwork–he doesn’t leave enough ‘white space’ but feels like he needs to paint every surface.

  16. My little daughter can already spot a “Henry” and will say so and point from the back seat. Thanks Henry for introducing her to real life art.

  17. Dear Henry,

    Your art sucks. Enough with the stoned animals already.

    Also, stop being a blowhard. Your painter signature should not be the first thing people see when they look at your painting.

    Stop polluting my neighborhood with your nonsense.



  18. Drive through other major metropolitan cities in this country, and you see imagination prodding and inspirational murals by local artists.
    It’s kind of sad how Seattle has chosen to turn it’s back on the very rich community of artists who live and work here, and don’t happen to paint simplistic children’s murals.

    There are artists in this city who could really give our neighborhoods some beautiful work. Instead, everytime I drive through Ballard, and it’s surrounding areas, I have to feel like I am driving through a simplistic children’s book. Maybe we could try challenging our kids’ imaginations for a change! Other images can be fun and exciting to look at besides walrus’ riding bicycles.

    I have to put out a thank you to Seattle, for commissioning Todd Lown for the 46th St. mural project. It looks like it will be a really dynamic, colorful and day brightening mural to look at on the way to Fremont.

    And Mr. Henry, keep on painting, but please, grow a little, leave something to our imaginations, stop spoon feeding it! Even kids are smarter than unicorns with uneven eyeballs.

    Seattle artist’s wife

  19. It would be nice if he would limit his guerilla art to his neighborhood and stay out of other artist neighborhoods. I for one know Georgetown doesn’t appreciate his antics.

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