Reminder: Free Car Wash Day today

Just a reminder that today is the Free Car Wash Day at Brown Bear Car Wash.

Photo from the 2009 Free Car Wash Day
To celebrate their 53rd anniversary, the company is giving away free “Bear Essential” car washes at all of their “tunnel” locations in the area. This includes the one at 5111 15th Ave NW in Ballard. The car wash will be open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. While the line may look daunting, we’re told that it takes 15 to 20 minutes to get through the line in the above photo.

9 comments on “Reminder: Free Car Wash Day today”

  1. NOT “pointless”….at least the grime will be gone, instead of piling up with more grime! What a nice thing to do for their customers. And what a shame that some people can only look at the downside of the gift. Oh, and why shouldn't people “come out of the woodwork” for this nice gift???!!! That's the point!! Many are loyal customers and many more will become customers. Get over yourselves!

  2. Wooo I went: in and out in 10 minutes. Sadly, it did rain on me. But at least now my car has gone from 'Unspeakably Filthy' to 'Only Mildly Dirty'.

  3. I live very close so it was easy to pop over for my free car wash in the morning. I enjoyed seeing that they were still taking people well after 8pm when they were technically supposed to close.

  4. Thank you to Brown Bear for giivng back to the community of car washers. I took advantage of the free day and my car is now clean. In addition, I honor their commitment to creating good looking facilities with beautiful sculptures and their contributions to the Zoo.

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