Baby squirrel rescued from Ballard man’s stove

A Ballard man came home to hear a strange sound coming from his kitchen yesterday evening. “A squeaking something in the vent above my stove,” Dusty said. After getting out the flashlight, he discovered a baby squirrel had crawled down the fan vent and taken up residence next to the warm light inside.

Dusty posted a message in the My Ballard forum under the name Dweezil, asking for ideas. “Trying to disassemble the fan above my oven to pull a baby squirrel out. Anyone know who to contact? Not the exterminator.” Within a few hours, My Ballard readers had furnished links to animal rescue sites while he gave a play-by-play description of the rescue. “I managed to get the fan off. Just trying to lure him out now,” he said.

After wrestling with the fan and detaching it from the wall, he poured the little squirrel into a box, recording video of the cute little creature. “Just wondering who to take him to,” Dusty wrote in the forum. After reading the wildlife rescue sites, he had a plan. “I’m about to put him up into a tree and hope that momma will rescue him,” he described on the video, zooming in on the squirrel. “It’s kind of hard to let go of this cute little bugger.”

So up he went. “I put the baby squirrel in a box, taped it to a tree, put a sign on it, ‘Don’t Disturb,'” he explained while quietly videotaping from his back porch. “Just waiting for momma.”

Here’s the video to watch what happens next. Click ahead to 5 minutes and 54 seconds to see the heartwarming ending in the tree.

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  1. I'll have to try that as my opening line… “So, hey, you like squirrels?…”

  2. Small update. CBS news in NY called me and wanted to do a live satellite interview for tomorrow's Early Show because of this. Sadly I was just informed that a hurricane trumped my story. But King5 might be showing the video at 10 and 11pm tonite.

    I now need to find someone to relocate mother and baby from the roof as their nest is clearly not in a good spot. I'm a renter, so I would be up Mr. Landlord's mercy with what he wants to do. I'm hoping to find someone to do this free, so that the owner can't say no to a humane and free deal.

  3. Great story, and a wonderful rescue! The reunion of mother and baby was truly a pleasant surprise.

    Dweezil, is the vent on your building simply uncovered? Could a simple mesh screen be stapled over it, or is the job more complicated? I'm sure you'll have no problem finding handy people willing to aid you and your landlord in this job. :)

  4. Taylor sent me the link! You rock D! Think you might wire some screening over that pipe?

  5. My friend back home (Seattle area) sent this to me this morning. I'm in North Carolina now and it was nice to be reminded that there is a place where people save squirrels…not eat them.

  6. Out of control in an urban environment?? I'd say people like you are out of control—oh no!! your precious organic turnips planted in the backyard of your quaint overpriced ballard cottage! How about you hop in your forest green Subaru with a “free tibet” bumper sticker on the back and head down to the local coffee shop where you can sit around and exchange smug pseudo-liberal conversation over a machiatto. Women like you are a dime a dozen in Seattle—and that's one of the reasons why I chose to get the F out! Put your knit beanie cap and patagonia fleece on, go climb some mountain and don't come back. I'd save a squirrel, or a rat for that matter before I'd lend a hand to a toolbag like you.

  7. Would love to see a subsequent video showing the little guy moving about so we know mama was able to bring the baby to health; must have been hungry and thirsty! Wonderful rescue and thanks for your kind heart in going the extra effort for a happy ending…

  8. I don't have a way up onto the roof to find the nest or entry point. I will need to rely on a professional, which I am having a hard time getting a hold of. I have found a place that would take in both mother and baby together and release them after baby is grown, which would be the best solution. But I still need to get a trapper.

  9. Dusty, I’m a wildlife rehabilitator specializing in squirrels, and YOU ARE MY HERO!!! Every baby squirrel in trouble should be so lucky!

  10. Squirrels are just a rat with a PR campaign.

    These little rodents will get into your attic and chew up your Romex wiring just as quick as a rat will.

    If you want to encourage a rat to visit with you at your house keep rinsing food scraps down your garbage disposal.

  11. This made my day watching. You are a good, good man. Anyone watching this and NOT feeling anything but good are just… sad people.

  12. Hello! I’m an intern at PAWS Wildlife Center in Lynnwood, WA and I LOVE squirrels. I’ve been feeding the second batch of babies for about a month now. Mostly Eastern Greys, a couple Fox squirrels, and a couple of Douglas squirrels. I must say that the EGSQs are my favorite. :D I hope to someday start a home squirrel rehab center.

    “Vermin” is such a strong word. I do not think squirrels are vermin, native or not. Raccoons and rats aren’t either.

    Someone came in a couple mornings ago with 13g nuggets. I’ve never seen them so small. They looked like fetuses. A dog found them after their tree was cut down. We sent the lady back home with a heating pad and told her to put them in the nearest tree on the highest tree branch because 13g is minuscule (weighs less than my 10ml Erlenmeyer flask!). She came back yesterday afternoon and mom never came back. :( I’m not working until Wednesday but hopefully they’ll still be alive.

    Go squirrels! <3

  13. Where did you go? I want to go too! (but I have to admit, Subaru’s are a great car for ice and snow, look at them passing hundreds of ditched cars in the passes)

  14. Where did you go? I want to go too! (but I have to admit, Subaru’s are a great car for ice and snow, look at them passing hundreds of ditched cars in the passes)

  15. And your a beast on two legs breathing fire, smoke and raining firey objects from the heavens, that will soon kill every living thing, even the cockroaches.

  16. And your a beast on two legs breathing fire, smoke and raining firey objects from the heavens, that will soon kill every living thing, even the cockroaches.

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