‘Proposed’ mix use castle/condo for Ballard

Updated: Now this is clever Halloween decor:

Click here for a larger version.

Turns out longtime MyBallard reader Gurple is behind the sign. He adds in comments, “I designed the thing in Inkscape and had it printed up at Kinkos (well, FedEx Office, I guess) and mounted on foam core. They do good work! I hope the winds don’t come up and blow it around the neighborhood, though.” He tells us that neighbors had to take a second look when the sign first went up, “The initial shock, then the curiosity, then the slow revelation, then the belly laughs,” he emailed us. (Thanks Emily for the tip!)

27 comments on “‘Proposed’ mix use castle/condo for Ballard”

  1. Though in all reality, I bet the city has some sort of law against falsifying these types of signs. Can just see it now… someone will report him and the city will fine him (a la Monkey Puzzle Tree).

    Oh the lovely city we live in… at least some still have a sense of humor :)

  2. There’s no mention of the moat!

    I hope the city doesn’t try to get the artist into trouble. It’s too funny.

  3. I certainly hope they remembered to get the appropriate permits from the Department of Ecology for the preparation and pouring of hot vots of burning oil down the sides of the castle walls to guard against marauding condo owners.

  4. “One thing about living in Ballard I never could stomach – all the damn vampires.”

  5. That’s me! I designed the thing and had it printed up at Kinkos (well, FedEx Office, I guess) and mounted on foam core. They do good work! I hope the winds done come up and blow it around the neighborhood, though.

    I’ve gotten some fantastic reactions from neighbors. I hope the DPD doesn’t see it and get fussy….

  6. I’m sort of worried about that, bmvaughn, but I suspect they’d start by just asking me to take it down. My architect friend insists that, if they did sue me, I could simply show the sign to the judge and he’d rule in my favor on the grounds that it’s funny.

  7. Just curious…is the Project # related to the Glenn Miller song (Pennsylvania 6-5000)?

  8. One degree removed, yes. I was referencing the 1985 Jeff Goldblum vehicle _Transylvania 6-5000_. Which I haven’t actually seen, so I feel like kind of a poser.

  9. I hope he doesn’t plan to set up werewolf traps in the yard. Think of the poor neighborhood children and cats he’d be endangering.

  10. As a 9 year old, I loved that movie. Not so sure what I would think about it if I watched it now though :P Although, Jeff Goldblum and Ed Begley Jr. with a smattering of Carol Kane and Geena Davis is what the 80s were all about. Love the sign, very creative!

  11. “It will have Vlad, they say, Ballard will have Vlad,
    Stones have been known to move and trees to speak.”

  12. It does not mention any city department. Doesn’t sound like fraud.

    I would think the 1st amendment would be strong enough to protect this type of speech too.

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