Mayor Town Hall tonight at Ballard High School

Mayor Mike McGinn, city departments and community groups will be at Ballard High School (1416 NW 65th St) tonight for the Mayor’s Town Hall.

From 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. – Meet and greet with city departments and local volunteer organizations will have tables set up to answer questions and offer volunteer opportunities. These Ballard orgs will be there:

  • East Ballard Community Association
  • Groundswell NW
  • Crown Hill Business Association
  • Ballard Historical Society
  • Nordic Heritage Museum
  • Salmon Bay School & Playground
  • Ballard District Council
  • Crown Hill Center
  • Greenwood Senior Center
  • Phinney Neighborhood Association
  • Ballard Boys & Girls Club
  • Ballard Chamber of Commerce
  • Seattle Neighborhood Group
  • Heart of Seattle Schools/Nick of Time
  • Ballard NW Senior Center

  • Andrew Miller’s work. He will be painting to music this evening at the Mayor Town Hall.

    From 6:30 to 6:40 p.m. several artists including Andrew Miller, Ryan “Henry” Ward and Dave Bloomfield will be painting to music featuring Wes Sp8 & the Visual Dialog. “Our intention is to stress the value our Tuesday’s in Ballard participation at the Ballard Community Center (beginning 6-27)…it has allowed the families and greater community to check out live music, see visual artists at work and gives the kids an opportunity to paint themselves! Everything is right about music, art, picnics and good times!” Miller emailed us.

    Then from 6:40 p.m. to 8 p.m. Mayor McGinn will take your questions and listen to your concerns.

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    Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend tonight’s meeting. I would certainly hope that someone would ask about the mayor loaning his staff to the “stop the tunnel” campaign. More importantly, when he approved issuing their leave of absences, do the tax payers still foot the bill for their salaries? What about their benefits? It would seem unfair to me to have to pay for their benefits while they go off on personal ideological missions.

    Also, in these trying economic times, how can a mayor with such a slim budget, afford to have key members of his staff take extended leaves of absences? Seems like the city would suffer without the staff there. If that is not the case, maybe those positions aren’t necessary and can be eliminated.

    Sure would be nice to have some answers…

    Someone should also ask him about Sound Transit investing in a nice new park & ride facility somewhere on/near Shilshole. It would sure be nice to hop on a sounder and not have to drive downtown!



    Kind of like a mini-government shutdown?

    All for it.

    I was yawning about this meeting until I read about the painting to music.

    Three cheers.

    Seriously though, it seems like a meeting of the elite in this town, and we should listen intently to what they have planned for the rest of us.


    I don’t know the specifics of what you’re talking about, but leaves of absence tend to be unpaid. Losing some to an LOA for a couple of weeks is actually saving tax payer money while not crippling the government (provided it’s managed properly).


    Loyalheightsryan has a point though: If he can do without them short-term, maybe the positions aren’t necessary long-term. Transfer those funds to the schools.


    Riddle me this, DAn:
    If an employee takes an unpaid leave of absence, does the city stop paying for their healthcare benefits? Are those free? Who is on the hook to continue paying for those benefits when there is absolutely no value to the end user (taxpayer)?
    Its fine if they don’t get paid, or they use their vacation time to cover expenses, or if they are independently wealthy.
    My thoughts on leaves of absence are they should be used for things like: birth of child, death of spouse, parent, child, sibling or other things that are life changing.
    Going to campaign for blocking a tunnel is a waste of our resources if these employees continue to receive the benefits that working for the city offers.


    My boss gave me a leave of absence to do what I wanted because I covered for 2 of my fellow employees long maternity leaves and it’s only fair. Why should I not benefit from the gift of time just because I don’t have or desire a family? I used my time to travel with friends, with the blessing of my co-workers and management.

    Life changing enough for you?