Truck stuck under Ballard Bridge

Updated: It appears a truck driver took the corner from Leary Ave NW onto the Ballard Bridge a little tight.

Jill sent us this photo of the truck tipping on its back wheels. The bridge appears to be cutting into the trailer of the truck. According to @KIRO7Seattle on Twitter, this was the first time the driver has been to Seattle.

As of 5 p.m., Metro says the southbound routes 17 & 18 have resumed regular route at 15 Ave NW & Leary Ave NW.

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  1. I swear, the rain ( like it’s anything different than what we have had lately, but whatever) turns people’s brains to mush. A gal got hit by a metro bus today over by northgate for crossing against the light, and I also almost got in an accident due to the fact that someone was crossing against the light. it was like yesterday was OMG a nice day! and now we have to deal with people’s mushy brains due to the *surprise* rainy day.

  2. I don’t understand this. It rains here all the damn time, you’d think people would get used to it and just drive normally instead of freaking out like their trousers are on fire.

  3. I wondered the same thing. Or could the driver be so dense as to make the same mistake – and miss the same turn – twice?

  4. yep, saw this on the way home N bound at around 4 pm…sorry to say i had to chuckle a bit. that has to be pretty embarrassing for the truck driver.

  5. I work for a company on Shilshole, and I can say that at least once a week truckers ask for directions and append them with questions like:

    “Is Ballard part of Seattle?”

    They’re all from Auburn/Tacoma and none of them have gps. It’s absurd.

    I had the pleasure of seeing one I gave directions to go straight on 24th toward the canal instead of veering onto Shilshole, and he had to back up the 18 wheeler into traffic.

  6. Different truck! I was stopped right in front of the truck on 4/29 when it ripped open its container. First thought when I saw the truck passing under the bridge was, “Wow, that’s a big truck… I wonder if he’s going to fit…”

  7. I don’t know if it’s on all trailers, but I’ve seen where the wheels can slide forward a few feet giving the trailer a shorter wheelbase for maneuvering in the city. For driving on the highway they slide them back to the end for a smoother ride.
    I think it just takes a minute to make the change by getting out and pulling a lever and then backing the truck up. As you’ve probably guessed, I don’t drive one of these.

  8. I always thought that Seattle should create signing and maps for truckers that show which streets are appropriate for certain lengths. We’ve had too many of these incidents, including taking out the pergola in Pioneer Square. I recall a semi trying to come down the north side of Queen Anne Ave (!?) and losing its brakes, stopped from crashing into an apartment building by a guard rail at Florentia.

  9. Why does giving misinformation give you pleasure? Perhaps you should find a hobby, or get a dog.

  10. I read that as the driver missed the directions and went down 24th, not that simoyeeha gave bad directions intentionally.

  11. I always thought that being a professional driver would mean that you figure out what streets you can’t go down before you get there.

  12. Well, now you’re using the word “professional”.

    I recall one day waiting for the bus at 15th/Market to go to the U district. A large HiCube truck rumbled by heading eastbound, I assumed to I-5. It looked a bit too big. Sure enough when our bus got up to Aurora, this guy was stopped, realizing just in time that his truck would not fit underneath. But I would think that any GPS would not show bridge clearances, even on an arterial. So some signage there before the entrance to Aurora southbound would be a good thing.

  13. Well, if their trousers were on fire, I’d think the rain would take care of that…

  14. Well, if their trousers were on fire, I’d think the rain would take care of that…

  15. You would be correct, it was actually a bummer and I couldn’t believe he did that. Thanks for assuming the best.

  16. I could say the same about you responding to something so innocuous with such bile.

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