Swedish Ballard designated Level III stroke care facility

The Washington Department of Health has designated Swedish Ballard (5300 Tallman Ave NW) as a Level III stroke care facility. This means that they “have the infrastructure and ability to provide acute thrombolytic rescue therapy for stroke patients,” according to the press release.

Two other Swedish campuses have also received stroke care designations. Cherry Hill received the Level I designation, shared by only three other hospitals in King County. First Hill is designated as a Level II facility “having demonstrated stroke-trained staff, clinical and administrative infrastructure, and support programs to stabilize and treat acute stroke patients,” the press release states.

Each minute is crucial for a stroke victim. If you or someone you know shows signs of a stroke, act FAST (F = facial weakness, A = arm or leg weakness, S = speech changes – slurred or sound strange, T = time is brain) and call 911 immediately.

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