A thank you note to Ballard

Last week we introduced readers to Tim, the newly-homeless man who has spent countless hours sweeping Ballard.

Tim wants to thank those who have stopped to say hi, offered a word of encouragement, and the dozens of people who have donated. Here are snippets from a long thank you letter he wrote:

Dear People of Ballard,
I want to thank you for your heartfelt donations. I’m overwhelmed and in awe at what has happened.

I was and still don’t know what to say – I’m just a street sweeper trying to take care of my babies (Rico & Zeta.) They are everything to me…. I was afraid of losing my dogs. What if I get sick or they get sick or my truck breaks down? I had to do something, so I did. But I just don’t know what to say except thank you. When I grabbed that broom and bucket I knew that I would never have a house or even have a beautiful girl to love again. I also thought I would even be looked down upon – a loser. But most people have looked past that. Holly who is so nice, Kelly at the bank has adopted Rico and Zeta and has been there from day one. She watches my truck, all kinds of stuff. Thank you.

Thank you to the lady who left me the Safeway gift card, Nancy and Dave and Tasha and so many others.

Tim says he’s stunned by all the donations and other offers to help gathered by Care Movement. Tim is opening a bank account for the money as he works to get back on his feet.

He said he’s looking for an apartment or room to rent in the Ballard area — one that will allow him to have his dogs. “I am on a low income housing list, but it could take two years. I have a small disability check, so I could pay some rent,” Tim’s letter continues. “I still have the receipt from the last place I rented showing I finished the lease and got my deposit back.”

“I could never leave Ballard after what everyone has done for us,” he writes.

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