Ballard teen writes gluten-free cookbook

A Ballard teenager who was diagnosed with Celiac disease has penned his very own gluten-free cookbook titled, “Eternally Gluten-Free.” Dominick Cura, age 13, started writing the cookbook last summer after experimenting with some recipes in the “Gluten-Free Bible.” Since then, he’s compiled over two dozen recipes for his own book, which he describes as being mostly desserts, breakfasts, and drinks. Cura and his friend Charlie have even made cooking videos, which they call “The Pastried! Cooking Show.”

“The Pastried!” makes a Cassata Cake, which is a Sicilian dessert (Cura’s favorite)

To write the book, Cura worked to figure out how to replicate texture and flavor without adding the gluten. The secret? Xanthan gum. He says when you eliminate gluten from a recipe, xanthan gum helps replace the “stickiness” needed to get the texture and taste right.

Dominick and Charlie’s Struffoli, “a sticky decorative Neapolitan Christmas dessert”

Cura says the experience has been difficult; he’s been working hard to finish the book for an April release. Cura will self-publish through Amazon, where it will be available for purchase. To snag a peek at Cura’s recipes, visit his blog, Eternally Gluten-Free.

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