Settlement reached in class action lawsuit against Olympic Athletic Club

Late last year, a group of Olympic Athletic Club (OAC) members filed a class action lawsuit because the Ballard gym’s new owners announced they would no longer honor their lifetime memberships. According to attorney Toby Marshall, the two parties have reached a settlement with the following terms:

  • For individuals who purchased their non-dues memberships prior to July 26, 1987, whether directly from the club or from another member, OAC will honor each such membership for the life of the current holder.
  • For individuals who purchased their non-dues memberships after July 25, 1987, OAC will honor each such membership for another 14 years.
  • Individuals who signed new memberships after receiving termination letters from the club will be given 90 days after approval of the settlement to reinstate their old membership (as modified by the settlement).

These terms will go into place so long as they are court-approved, which could take four months or more. In the meantime, members may continue to use the club. This settlement is on behalf of about 1,175 club members. Marshall says those members will, “automatically be included in and will benefit from the settlement if it is approved by the court.” Marshall says the defendants, “will pay the attorneys’ fees and costs incurred by plaintiffs in bringing and settling the suit.”

Detailed notice packets will be sent out to all members involved in the suit informing them of the terms and their rights under it, according to Marshall. He adds, “We are very pleased with the settlement and believe it is in the best interests of the OAC members.”

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