Get earthquake prepared during the Great ShakeOut tomorrow

Tomorrow (Oct. 18) is the 2012 Great ShakeOut, a nationwide earthquake drill. Many schools and community groups across the country will be participating in the drill, which will start at 10:18 a.m. Our news partners, The Seattle Times, report that 13 million people have signed up to participate in the drill, either on their own, or through schools, businesses and community groups.

When the drill starts, people will follow the classic mantra of duck, cover and hold. And, officials are asking that people take one more step by having a family discussion about preparation, says the Times. “If there’s no handy desk or table to dive under, experts recommend simply crouching down and covering your head with your arms. If you’re in bed when the quake hits, stay there — unless a heavy light fixture is hanging over your head. Outdoors, move as far away from buildings, trees and power lines as possible and assume the position,” according to the Times.

To learn more about the Great Washington ShakeOut, click here.

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