Reduced bus service through holidays

Metro buses will be operating on a holiday and reduced schedule next week and through the New Year’s holidays. Starting Monday, Christmas Eve, Metro will be operating on a reduced weekday bus, and on Christmas Day, will be on a Sunday schedule. The rest of the week will be on reduced weekday service, from Dec. 26-28. On New Year’s Eve, they’ll be on a reduced weekday schedule, and on New Year’s Day, they’ll operate on a Sunday schedule. Click here for Metro’s holiday and reduced service page.

Reduced weekday service typically means some commuter and school-oriented routes don’t operate, and other routes have individual trips canceled. There are also adjustments to routes that serve the University of Washington.

Metro says they’re able to save about $1 million each year by reducing service during holidays between November and January. There’s a reduction in number of weekday riders over the holiday period; roughly 15 percent fewer riders systemwide.

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