Metro introduces RapidRide D Line timetable

By Danielle Anthony-Goodwin

In response to rider requests King County Metro will test a new RapidRide timetable for the C and D Lines from February 16. The timetables will show departure times along the route to make it easier to plan travel and connect with other bus routes. Previous timetables only identify the frequency of the C and D line services at different times of the day.

“The printed C and D Line schedules will show specific times to help riders better plan their daily routines,” Desmond said. “While we’re making this change, we need customers to understand that service will often operate a few minutes before or after posted times as we work to keep buses spaced as evenly as possible.”

The timetable will continue to show planned time between buses during peak hour through downtown Seattle. RapidRide services are managed by Metro through adding or rescheduling buses to maintain bus spacing so times may vary during the afternoon due to traffic congestion. Metro will continue to provide real-time information to riders through apps such as One Bus Away.

Metro changes transit service and timetables three times a year to adapt to ridership on all services. The update of the RapidRide timetables and changes to other services will come in to effect February 16th. For more information about these changes click here.

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