BHS students set to experience inclusion and awareness week “Mean Girls” style

Ballard High School’s inclusion and awareness week kicked off today with a unique theme. The Associated Student Body (ASB) titled the week “Mean Girls Week”, targeting important issues under the theme of the well known 2004 movie starring Lindsay Lohan. The movie explores the cruelty of a group of high school students and how their hurtful behavior affects both individuals and the school community as a whole.

The week will focus on five important topics for students including safe driving, global awareness, cliques, bullying and inner strength. “The goal of this week is to make Ballard High School a more inclusive and safe community for everyone,” said Athletic and Activities Director Carrie Burr.

The ASB, with support from staff, have been busily planning and organizing the activities for “Mean Girls Week” since early this year.   “I am expecting students to gain a better understanding of their peers and I hope that everyone is encouraged to meet new people and break social boundaries,” said ASB Co-chair, Sophomore Lindsey Fasser.

The theme of “Mean Girls” was chosen to engage students with something that they can relate to. “By using this theme I hope people are going to get so excited about Mean Girls that they are more willing to participate and open up,” said ASB Co-chair, Senior Anna Cechony. Fasser also believes that the popularity of the movie will assist in linking the topics that will be discussed.

This is the third year that BHS have tackled these tough issues in a unique format. “My ASB officers felt we needed to come at it from a different angle. Mean Girls was the perfect movie dealing with real life problems – for a Ballard High School student, that is,” said Burr.

The week will include a new topic each day that is explored through video and class room activities. Wednesday will also include a “mix it up lunch” where students will be challenged to sit with different people than their usual social group at lunchtime. The topics will be scheduled as follows:

  • Monday: Driving…Hit By a Bus (Safe Driving Day)
  • Tuesday: #firstworldproblems (Global Awareness Day)
  • Wednesday: On Wednesdays We Wear Pink (Anti-clique Day)
  • Thursday: Burn Book (Bullying)
  • Friday: The Limit Does Not Exist! (Inner Strength Day)

“I really hope students try their best not to judge or label others and to know that everyone has a story and a reason they act the way they do,” said Burr.

Congratulations to BHS students for tackling these important topics.

To see the daily videos prepared for Mean Girl’s Week by the ASB Co-chairs Fasser and Cechony click here.

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