Gray whale sighting at Golden Gardens last night

One of our readers wrote to tell us about a gray whale sighting at Golden Gardens last night. Betsy emailed saying her husband and son were on the north end of the beach at around 6:30, where they saw the back and tail of the whale and heard a, “huge sound that came from its blowhole.” They weren’t able to get any photos, but others on the beach confirmed the sighting.

We called Shilshole Marina, but they hadn’t heard or seen anything. The Ballard Locks lockmaster Scott Diehl hadn’t seen anything, but said it happens occasionally. “We have gray whales coming up right to the locks,” Diehl said. “It could be the current, or they could just be coming and checking things out.”  The last time he said he saw a gray whale here was four or five years ago.

If you were lucky enough to see the whale yesterday and have photos, send them to

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