BHS Principal approves absences for Seahawks parade

Ballard High School Principal Keven Wynkoop issued an email to BHS parents letting them know that student absences for the Seahawks parade tomorrow are approved. Check out the letter below:

Dear Parents,

The Superintendent met with principals this morning and gave us the leeway to decide whether absences to attend the Seahawks celebration should be excused or not.

As this is a unique, cultural celebration for our City, I have decided that I will accept written notes submitted to our attendance office and excuse students who miss school tomorrow to attend the celebration.

Students will need to seek out the work that they miss with their teachers, but they will have access to making up the points.

School will remain open and activities will be offered to all students who attend school.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at

Keven Wynkoop


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