Have you seen Tommy in Ballard?


By Joe Veyera

My Ballard reader Denae posted on our Facebook page to report that her family’s cat Tommy slipped out from their home on 73rd Avenue Northwest and Northwest 32nd Street on Wednesday.

Tommy (pictured) is an 11 year old male, domestic, medium hair grey cat with white on his chest and paws. He is an indoor cat, has no collar (but is microchipped), and has been declawed.

According to Denae, he may have been spotted on Friday morning in the area of Northwest 68th Street and 34th Avenue Northwest.

If you see Tommy, email Denae at daveg086@comcast.net immediately.

7 comments on “Have you seen Tommy in Ballard?”

  1. gracie needs to stop with the “derp maybe this is your lost animal” stuff. please.

  2. Tommy has been found! THANKS for the emails and tips on his where-abouts! We are very grateful to our community!

  3. guesty – NOPE, I will NEVER stop if it helps find a lost pet. Until you have experienced it, you will never know how it feels. When I had a cat that was missing I had some false leads but it kept my faith alive – and 9 days later he was found. So back off.

  4. I agree with guesty.
    And I really wish you people would stop ‘letting’ your cats get out.
    “oh, I only let fifi outside when I am back there gardening…”
    Bullocks! Keep the damn rodent inside and out of my garden. I am so sick of stray cats in this neighborhood— if I had the means I would round them all up and spay them.

  5. First thing I did was spay my cat. Totally believe in spaying and neutering. And yep, I only let my cat out when I’m out there because don’t want her outside all day wondering into other’s yards. She stays close.

  6. Don’t read the trolls, I’m so glad Tommy is home. This is the reason why we have neighborhood blogs. Good kitty

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