Suspect at-large after man cut at Ballard Commons Park

By Joe Veyera

(Update: 6/23, 9:30 p.m.) For those wondering about helicopters in the area, the KIRO-TV chopper was over the scene.

According to the Seattle Fire Department’s Real Time 911 dispatch, units were called to the scene at 5:08 p.m. for an assault with weapons incident, with SFD sending two medic units, one ladder, one engine, and the battalion chief.

(Original Post: 6/23, 6 p.m.) According to the Seattle Police Department, one suspect is at-large following an incident that left one man cut at Ballard Commons Park. Here’s what we know so far, from the SPD and Seattle Fire Department twitter accounts. We’ll update this post as more information becomes available.

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  1. Whew, for a moment there I was worried that someone else had been stabbed by the Ballard Library.

  2. Just wait until they open the “Urban Rest Stop”. Fun for all, just like Westlake Park. Except in Ballard Commons moms with toddlers in tow will be mixing it up with the riff raff.

  3. Is that what the sirens and helicopter over Leary near Carter were all about?

  4. Excellent reporting. I mean, searching of Twitter and embedding the tweets in a blog.

  5. ooohhhh but don’t be mean!! these violent transients (oh good heavens, no, they aren’t bums) are soooooo vibrant and totally a part of city life!!!! I personally love living in a city that embraces filth of ALL types!! yeahhh! commons park is for the kids! and violent druggie bums.

  6. lol also at the fact that the perp escaped the wilds of balllard undetected. cops probably took their time on this one, likely the 20th call this weekend re: ballardcrappy park.

  7. Shut down the shelter on 22nd! These people don’t need free food and shelter they need serious drug treatment and mental help. The shelter is enabling these people to dope up and die in front of families and kids and politicians to ignore the real problem by saying they “get help” from non-profits.

  8. Very sad to see what that area is becoming. The community spent $10 million to build the Library and $2.5 million on the park.

  9. get over your prissy yuppie selves. not every homeless person is a bum, and yes, some are filthy, could that be because they have no [place to clean up? and wouldnt they have to be clean to get a job? wouldnt that require a place to get help with that? i am part of a family who has been in ballard for many generations. i can only guess that the majority talking crap about this are the ones moving in trying to make this queen anne. the ones who give you dirty looks like your the intruder because you dont share in their tear down, build bullcrap views! news flash, ballard isnt becoming this, it has been this way for a long time, maybe getting off your high horse once in a while you would see this. and if you love ballard (if you can call it that anymore) than you would want to help the community , you idiots! do you have any idea how many of the homeless in ballard are youths? and those kids turn into adults and with asses like you they get run out of everywhere they try to get shelter at. you dont like dirt??????? ballard was made for fisherman, mill workers and the men who worked their backs to the bone. i am sure the people who truly are what ballard was about, and many who wound up homeless by the way, think your prissy mouth is just fricken hilarious. greed is ugly, prissiness is disgusting and you are not the type of person to speak for ballard. do we need safer streets??? of course. do you think that the major percentage of crimes committed on the street come from the homeless? go get a clue, there is violence all over ballard from people who have homes! i am surprised you are running your mouth about all the beer places they are opening up, wanna say something about the bar fights? didnt think so, because i have seen plenty of people just like you engaging in those fights and we all know you feel you are on another level and somehow your violence is not the same as the violence of a homeless person. many try to protect themselves because lets face it, you arent gonna do it, are ya?

  10. A woman in her 30’s, Real Change vendor #12577, stabbed an acquaintance at the Ballard Commons Park at about 5PM, Monday 6/23/14, at the Ballard Commons Park.

    The Ballard Commons Park is a site of many stabbings, and is frequented by a lot of druggies, street people, as well as children. SPD is frequently dispatched to the location to get things back to normal.

    Sometimes after the stabbing, the woman, Real Change vendor 12577, went to her father’s home, got into a heated arguement with her father, and proceeded to stab her father Hank Voss, Real Change vendor #12480, stabbing him over her stated belief that the Ballard Bartell’s location was hers. She was upset at her father because he failed to secure the location for her in the morning.

    Bleeding badly, Hank got himself to the hospital to have his serious cuts treated.

    An hour before the stabbing, the stabber was looking for Real Change vendors Mike and Vincent Ebsen but failed to find them. Hank (REAL CHANGE vendor #12480) father of alleged stabber (REAL CHANGE vendor #12577) called Mike from the hospital to make sure he was not the victim being stabbed.

    The dispute, in large part, grew over a REAL CHANGE rivalry over Terry Cunningham’s long time standing at the Ballard Bartell’s site.

    REAL CHANGE is located at 96 S Main St. Seattle | Send Mail To: 219 1st Ave S Seattle, WA 98104 Suite 220, Phone: (206) 441-3247.

    The REAL CHANGE does no background checks before they hand out picture ID badges to represent the REAL CHANGE.

    A REAL CHANGE hearing is scheduled at the REAL CHANGE HQ’s at 9AM at 96 S Main St. Seattle 219 1st Ave S Seattle, WA 98104 Suite 220, Phone: (206) 441-3247. The hearing is open to the News Media and the Public.

  11. Wait, so there were actually two stabbings?

    There may be a turf war going on, but for the most part, they leave the children and parents alone.

    I go there all the time with my child and don’t think it’s nearly as dangerous as some of you make it out to be.

    Why not all the uproar about knife fights at Golden Gardens or the domestic attack in Whittier Heights a week or two ago?

  12. I agree with toberlili…….I lived in Ballard from July 2011 to May 2013….My apartment was one block away from the park…had a view of JoAnn’s……I felt safe in my little Ballard neighborhood and enjoyed the small community with family owned businesses….until my rent kept going up each year….and then, greedy investors buying family owned businesses and tearing down historic buildings for the sake of “Progress” I loved my Ballard!….due to “PROGRESS” my apartment rent climbed up again and being so expensive I had to moved to another state……everything was in walking distance….QFC, Bartell’s, the Library, coffee shops, restaurants, the Locks, hospital….what more do you desire????… is sad about the homeless teens and violence that follows, but you find violence everywhere, like toberlili said Bar Fights, take a look at domestic violence within “normal and good families”….Violence is everywhere and you can’t pin it on a certain group the “Homeless”….should people ban “Soccer, Baseball, Football” games due to “Idiots” that disagree on an outcome of the game….No….people are just violent and each individual has a different ingredient in their persona……no one is better than the other….

  13. @toberlili I wish it were so simple and black and white, but it is not. The City has adopted a policy of dispersing the chronic homeless from downtown to residential neighborhoods. Downtown is heavily policed and has infrastructure to cope with the problem. We are not talking about the temporarily or transient homeless here – the violence and thefts are being perpetrated by a hardcore group of drug addicts and mentally ill who have no interest in getting help. It should be abundantly clear that Ballard does not have resources to deal with this particular subset of the homeless population. The City and downtown merchants don’t care as long as they keep things from getting too bad around Pike Place Market.

    Couple all of this with bloat from high density apartment buildings and “apodments” and the quality of life in that part of Ballard goes down in a hurry. You may be a long time resident, but that does not mean you represent the views of other long time residents. I have spoken with numerous other Ballard natives who are tired of this problem and the massive build up that are going on. If they wanted this sort of thing, they would’ve moved to Belltown long ago.

  14. well said, toberlili

    lived in ballard for almost 20 years and the homeless are no more dangerous or unsavory than the drunken fisherman who used to live in the flophouse (before it burned down) across from the bell tower and wander around ballard.

    and the homeless aren’t the drug dealers that come to ballard to cater to the masses frequenting all the bars.

  15. Real Change turf war? Pass the popcorn.

    “due to “PROGRESS” my apartment rent climbed up again ”

    Urrrrr, it isn’t ‘your’ apartment.

    How many bleeding heart Ballard liberals here house a bum on their couch then?

  16. ” the homeless are no more dangerous or unsavory than the drunken fisherman who used to live in the flophouse”

    Well, that’s reassuring.

  17. Why would the entire Ballard FD show up for a minor knife wound? Ladder truck, fire chief? It took that much response – how many people could access the victim at the same time, or did everyone take a turn applying the bandage? S

  18. “get over your prissy yuppie selves.”

    Prissy yuppie here: just as long as they stab, beat, kill, steal, rob, mug, rape and maim each other, I don’t care.

  19. I happen to know many of the people at the park, and yes there are problems, but it never reaches the kids. It’s not like FreeMonty, with blatant nudity, or Sodo with Beasts, and baseball bats… don’t like crime? Take everything away from the poor. if you have a bruise on your arm, do you cut it off?

  20. I always thought I was just a crusty, old Norski. According to Toberlili I may be a prissy yuppie. Every day is a learning adventure.

    I do take exception to some of the comments. Plenty of my family have been commercial fishermen out of ballard. None that I know of were on the knife fighting circuit. This latest dust-up is the 2nd stabbing in the park by homeless in less than 5 months. I’ll take fishermen any day.

    PacNWDad has it right. Professionalize the care, move the homeless services out, and (Presto!) the homeless will follow. For some there is a free lunch.

  21. DH – good to know the multiple stabbings never reach the kids. We’ll all sleep safely now.

  22. “Take everything away from the poor”

    They seem to have plenty of money for beer, weed and cigarettes.

  23. It could be worse folks.
    Hope Solo could move to Ballard, then we’d be really screwed.
    I, for one, would not want to encounter her at the Ballard Commons after she’s had a few boxes of wine.

  24. Dear complaining “original” residents of Ballard, Move already! Quit complaining! Take the violent bums, your nostalgic bitterness, as well as your real estate equity and move to some bucolic (dying) fishing village.
    I love good beer, clean parks, great restaurants and vibrancy brought about by urban density and progress.
    Yours truly,
    Beer Snob Yuppie

  25. What I’ve learned from this thread is illegal and anti social behavior is ok as long as others are doing it.

    That, and the path to affordable housing is to encourage folks suffering from mental illness to forego treatment and to give them adequate access to weapons and drugs.

  26. this is a big deal. not just for what happened, but for the reaction. this sings to the change.

  27. I don’t think anybody knows how close the modern economic system is from being imaginary. That could be you you you in the park. More than one country has wallpapered the walls with “cash” to keep warm. Fix the flat tire, don’t curse at it

  28. The changes indicated to me are 1) a dangerous demographic segment of people should take their meds religiously and have access to care, and 2) it makes little sense to group homeless services near family facilities that see high use.

    If only our politicians also wanted these changes as well.

  29. What if homeless people need the same things as families? Should we build a separate library for the homeless?

  30. The chronically homeless need different services than families. I’d argue most need mental health and drug/alcohol treatment.

    This is the 2nd stabbing among homeless this year in the park. That’s on pace for 4 knife attacks in 2014. In under 4 years there have been over 1,000 call to 911 around the park.

    The chronically homeless around that park don’t need a new library – they need treatment. Preferably away from children.

  31. A woman in her 30’s, Real Change vendor #12577, Vickie Boss, stabbed at least one at Ballard Commons Park at about 5PM, Monday 6/23/14, at the Ballard Commons Park, and her dad, another Real Change Vendor.

    She was arrested, booked for at least two stabbings, allegedly a third street person in Ballard Alley, and released by the Prosecuting attorney for a mental evaluation. She has 3 other warrants out for stabbings in Chicago, IL.

    As of Monday, 7/13/14, she is back out selling REALK CHANGE papers in front of Ballard Bartells on 22nd. Manager was alerted , who admitted knowing about it, but said there was nothing she or Bartells can do about it. In other words, if you shop at Bartells in Ballard, you will be inches away from being stabbed or having a child kifed because Ballard Bartells refuses to deny a multiple stabber to be a safetey risk to its customers.

    Is this acceptable to you?

  32. It’s really interesting when facts arise that all the street people who post from the Ballard Library stop posting.

  33. It turns out Real Change vendor #12577, Vickie Boss, is actually Chiquita Little. After her release, she came back out on the streets of Ballard, and slashed her dad and others again. SPD arrested her again, and she was sent to a mental evaluation facility for 30 days. SPD is now on the lookout if she gets released again. If you know who she is and she gets close to you, split, as she is armed with a sharp knife and loves to knife people if she is the slightest bit pissed off.

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