Adams Elementary School mural club finishes first four works of art


By Joe Veyera

The portable classrooms at Adams Elementary School (6110 28th Ave NW) are looking a little more colorful, after being adorned with four new murals that were worked on throughout the school year by the Adams Mural Club.

The club, which began in the fall with a group of 15 students, worked each Thursday afternoon to brainstorm and illustrate their ideas onto wood panels.

Artist Andrew Miller, who led the club, said the students were encouraged to use their imagination to tell a story with their work, using images that represented their homes, school, and general environment.

“They chose the color pallet and the results were amazing!” Miller said.

adamsmural4 (1)

With new students joining both winter and spring quarter, a total of 32 students were involved throughout the process.

Miller said the highlight of the program was seeing the results from week to week, and watching the students develop as artists. 

“It was a challenge to envision how a group of kids, with ages ranging from 5-11, would work together and construct work that was worthy of public display,” Miller said. “They brought a level of enthusiasm and patients that put any concern to bed!  Each student should feel extremely proud of their efforts.”


After the successes of this year’s club, and his Illustration & Multimedia class, Miller said he certainly plans to continue the club in the fall.

“The support of the school staff and the PTA (i.e Shelly Landschulz) made it possible,” Miller said. “I am super excited to see the club grow and watch the murals expand”


(Photos courtesy of Andrew Miller)

2 comments on “Adams Elementary School mural club finishes first four works of art”

  1. Fabulous artistic results. Beautiful murals you can all be proud of. What a wonderful way to build community and have lots of creative fun in the process. Will be anxiously awaiting next years projects.

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