Have you seen Bootsy in Ballard?


By Joe Veyera

Update (7/11, 3:30 a.m.): We’re happy to report that Bootsy has been reunited with her owner, after she was found in the yard of the same neighbor she was found in four years ago.

My Ballard reader Carlotta emailed in to report that her 13-year old indoor cat Bootsy has been missing since Monday evening.

A long-haired black, brown, and gray mix, Bootsy was last seen near Northwest 60th Street and 36th Avenue Northwest, and is likely skittish and frightened.

According to Carlotta, Bootsy was gone for a week four years ago, and was likely trapped in someone’s garage, before being spotted by a neighbor who helped them corral her in her yard a few lots south of their home.

(The original post included the owner’s contact information)

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