Police increase patrols at Gilman Park

By Joe Veyera

Neighbors of Ballard’s Gilman Park (923 NW 54th St) have reported an increase in crime over the past few weeks, according to a report from KING-TV’s Natalie Swaby.

The Seattle Police Department’s North Precinct has increased their patrols in the area to address concerns, after receiving complaints about crime in the park last Monday, and having an officer meet with the community block watch the next day.

One nearby resident was quoted in the story as saying that, “Basically it has turned into a drug hub for the local area.”

The report also noted that a surveillance camera captured a man stealing a car near the park last Sunday afternoon, and that several drug needles were found on a corner near the park’s entrance on Thursday.

To read the full report from KING-TV, click here.

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