Porkfest 2014 coming to Sunset Hill next Sunday


By Joe Veyera

After last year’s “Mihami Vice,” the annual Sunset Hill Community Barbecue — known as Porkfest — returns on August 10.

The community is invited to attend, “One Swine Day,” at the home of Tim and Nancy Bauer at 3231 NW 67th St. The pig comes out at 1 p.m., and the party goes until the pig is gone. Those planning to attend are asked to bring a side dish, salad, or dessert for everyone to share.

“A plethora of Pork Parts will be provided along with ice tea, [and] a small donation for beer would be greatly appreciated,” Tim wrote in an email. “Bring your family and friends. Dogs are welcome.”

To RSVP, contact Tim and Nancy Bauer at 206.790.5864, or email them at tbauerfish@aol.com.

Photo courtesy of Tim Bauer. 

8 comments on “Porkfest 2014 coming to Sunset Hill next Sunday”

  1. Gross? Only if you’re a dirty hippy terrorist. Pigs are meant to be eaten. And this looks yummy. Let’s embrace our position at the top of the food chain!

  2. OK if you don’t like gross, how about disgusting. Ben – you may be at the top of the food chain biologically speaking, but you definitely are not at the top from an intelligence standpoint.

  3. They say dogs are welcome? I would be careful bringing my dog there. They may want to serve them up.

  4. I agree with Ben. Sounds delicious. Plus, my schnauser loves all pork products (but has a predilection for bacon). Ben – can you bring slaw? I’ll bring vinegar sauce and beer.

  5. Pigs are nasty, no thanks! If you think we made it to the top of the food chain to eat swine then you’re sadly mistaken friend.

  6. A pig in a pen with sit in its own filth and stink like shit. A pig on a spit will smell awesome and become my shit!

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