Customers launch fundraiser to help Take 5 Urban Market rebuild after fire

Loyal customers and friends of Take 5 Urban Market have banded together to raise over $30,000 to support the owners after a natural gas explosion severely damaged the local market.

The explosion and subsequent fire broke out early Thursday morning before the store opened. Owners Bryan Vietmeier and Rebecca Rouleau said no one was at Take 5 when the explosion happened.

After the news broke, a customer and friend of the owners Timothy Lee launched a GoFundMe fundraiser. Lee was also Rebecca’s son’s childhood baseball coach.

“Rebecca and Bryan have been basically family to me since I’ve watched their son graduate high school to play college baseball,” Lee wrote.

“I’ve witnessed how welcoming and giving Rebecca and Bryan have been to their guests, friends, and the Ballard community. I hope we can rally behind them after fire/gas leak they had on May 2nd so that these funds can help them with repairs and keep them on their feet while we wait for the best sandwich shop to open again!”

The fundraiser goal is $40,000—so far it’s raised $30,215 from over 400 donors.

Rouleau has been posting updates in the My Ballard Group since the fire, thanking the community for the support.

“Its been two days, lots of tears and such an overwhelming outpouring of kindness that we are completely humbled to be a part of such a fantastic community!” she wrote, adding that they are working with insurance and will keep everyone informed as they move forward.

She also hinted they might set up a hotdog stand on the corner—we’ll update as we learn more.

Photo from Take 5 on Facebook