Hourglass Footwear introduces new Seahawks-themed designs


By Joe Veyera

With the NFL regular season now less than a month away, Seahawks fans have a new option to show their fandom on their feet.

Ballard-based Hourglass Footwear, founded by Kira Bundlie and Lisa Strom, has launched a new series of limited-edition “12th Woman” shoes to mark the upcoming season.

“Featuring a shiny blue background, a pop of apple green for detail, and bright white off-center “12s” on the heels and toes (not to mention lots and lots of glitter!), we’d like to think these babies will be good luck charms for their wearers all season,” wrote Bundlie in an email.

The design can be painted on flats, Dansko clogs, mid-heels, stilettos, platforms, or shoes provided to Hourglass. Bundlie said last year’s “12th Woman” design was so popular, to ensure pick-up or delivery before the first game of the season, customers can pay a $50 deposit now, and the balance when their shoes are finished. Prices range from $140 to $200.

For more information on the new designs, or to place a pre-order on a pair of your own, click here.


(Photos courtesy of Kira Bundlie)

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Those are some of the ugliest shoes I have ever seen.

50 dollars now, then a couple hundred more later? Give me a break.
The whole 12th man thing is the stupidest thing ever.


Actually, I think they’ve covered the Seattle gal’s footwear basics….ballet flats, clogs, hells and stripper pumps (or tranny heels, whichever you prefer). Nice work, may you make lots of green! Go Hawks!


Doesn’t this violate the copyrighted “12th man” thing from the Seahawks?
Or are these ‘authorized’?

John Boy

Seahawks do not own the “12th man” trademark. Texas A&M does, and Seahawks licenses it from them.