Brown Bear hosts annual Free Car Wash Day this Thursday


By Joe Veyera

In honor of their 57th anniversary, Seattle’s Brown Bear Car Wash will be offering free car washes at its 21 tunnel location this Thursday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Over the past eight years, Brown Bear has provided over 200,000 free car washes on the company’s anniversary and Veterans Day. According to a press release, last year’s anniversary event offered up 27,223 complementary washes.

In Ballard, vehicle owners can get their free car wash at the tunnel location at 5111 15th Ave NW. The self-serve location at 3977 Leary Way NW is self-service, and not included in the promotion.

Free Car Wash Day has long been a popular proposition in Ballard, with long lines accompanying the opportunity to get a free wash, as noted by My Ballard in previous years of the promotion.

“We blend hard work, pride and a lot of fun into an event that benefits our customers and the environment,” said Brown Bear founder Vic Odermat in a press release. “It’s a fitting way to say ‘thank you’ to our customers who have supported us over the past 57 years.”

Brown Bear was originally founded by Odermat with one location at 15th Avenue West, and the  family-owned company (through its parent company Car Wash Enterprises, Inc.) owns and operates a total of 41 car wash locations throughout the state, along with a network of gas stations and convenience stores.

For more information on Free Car Wash Day, visit Brown Bear’s website here.

2 comments on “Brown Bear hosts annual Free Car Wash Day this Thursday”

  1. Props to Brown Bear for helping to keep our waters clean and free of car-wash run-off and pollutants. They clean and reuse their wash water and properly dispose of waste material, something that doesn’t happen when you wash your car on the street or on your property. Sure, it’s not the biggest source of pollution in our waters, but it’s one more thing folks can do to reduce contaminating our environment.

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