Dog found in Ballard last night


By Joe Veyera

My Ballard reader Roger emailed My Ballard to let us know that he spotted this young, female dog outside his building yesterday evening on Northwest 59th Street, between 25th and 26th Avenues Northwest.

“She was extremely friendly and polite and didn’t mind me checking her collar,” wrote Roger.

Unfortunately, the dog had no tags on her collar, and despite having a microchip, a check by the Sunset Hill Veterinary & Rehabilitation Center found the chip was blank. The vet clinic offered to contact the Ballard Animal Shelter and have her picked up, under the assumption that the shelter would most likely be the first place her owners would look.

“She’s a real beauty and I hope she gets home safe,” Roger wrote.


10 comments on “Dog found in Ballard last night”

  1. We live on 26th and 57th and a neighbor named Mary was out helping look for this dog yesterday afternoon. The dogs name is Starbuck. She said the owners live in a townhouse on 58th street between 26th and 28th.

  2. If thats the dog I’m thinking of, its usually out walking a beautiful woman. I look at her dog and smile, but quietly think of her.

  3. That is Starbuck. She was right near her home when she was picked up. I hope her mama gets her before she ends up at the shelter.

  4. I don’t care how cute the dog’s owner is– Starbuck is a horrible name.
    No wonder the dog ran away, scratched the tags off his collar, then snuck into the Ballard Library to use a computer and hack into the microchip database to remove his legend.

  5. What is the ‘Ballard Animal Shelter’ anyway?
    I have never heard of such a place.

  6. Hi neighbors –

    Thanks to your help, we found Starbuck last night! She was in an Animal Control van and her daddy was able to go pick her up. All in all the whole ordeal lasted less than 2 hours, and we really appreciate all of the support from everyone.

    Huge thank you to Roger, for picking her up and taking her to the vet. We owe you one. Thanks again.

    PS: Her dogtags broke off her collar over the weekend and we hadn’t gotten a new ring to put them on. I’m worried you all think we’re horrible dog owners. She has tags!

    PPS: For Stanley – this is who she is named after:

  7. Heya, Katie!

    Glad to hear she made it home safe and sound without too much of a hassle. Starbuck (I know her name, now!) is just about the sweetest pooch. If you ever see a couple walking a red and white Corgi named Norman, be sure and say “hello.” Norman was ticked off he didn’t get a chance to meet Starbuck…

    Hope ya’ll have a great week.

  8. Happy this ended well, you must have been so worried. She looks like such a sweetie!

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