Local finds cat in Ballard

My Ballard reader Erin emailed in to let us know that she found a cat in her backyard at 16th Ave NW between 67th and 70th on Saturday afternoon.

The cat (pictured below) has no collar and is not microchipped. The cat is mostly black, with white back paws and a few white toes on the front paw, as well as some white on the belly.

cat 1

He’s a sweet cat, but seems to be pretty sick. I’ve checked with all my neighbors, but have been unable to find his owner. For now, I am keeping him safe and fed in my bathroom, but if I am unable to find his owner I will likely have to take him to the shelter,” writes Erin.

If you are or know the owner of the cat contact Erin at (206) 790-0087 or email erinkpate@gmail.com.

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