Seattle University asking for feedback on public safety concerns

Seattle University has released their 3rd annual citywide survey to get feedback on public safety and security concerns from Seattle residents. The results from the survey will be compiled in a report for the Seattle Police Department. The survey is open now until Nov. 30, and can be found here.

“Please circulate this information to your friends, family, co-workers and community members and feel free to post the information on your social media,” Michael Sowby posted on the Ballard forum. “Public safety and security are community concerns. Please make sure your voice is heard by completing the public safety survey today.”

Seattle Police say the Seattle University survey and research results directly impact and inform the Micro Community Policing Plans and Seattle Police response.

From Seattle Police:

The Seattle Public Safety Survey works to collect qualitative and quantitative data that gives insight to perceptions of crime and safety within each micro-community.  The areas measured are perceptions of police legitimacy, informal social control, social cohesion, fear of crime, social disorganization, and positive perceptions and high knowledge of Seattle Police Department’s community engagement initiatives. Ideally, a healthy community with positive police-citizen relations will have high police legitimacy, low social disorganization, high informal social control, high social cohesion, low fear of crime, and positive perception and high knowledge of police-community engagement efforts.

In 2016, the primary concerns voiced by residents in the North Precinct (which includes Ballard) were :1) lack of police capacity/presence; 2) car prowl; 3) residential burglary; 4) property crime; and 5) car/RV camping. To view survey results from both 2015 and 2016, click here.


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